I'm fat ugly and so vain.

Music video of my song “Holy Man”

My music video of my song “Holy Man”. I know it’s crappy and I’m so vain but hay, it was fun to make. Here’s the YouTube link, enjoy.



Cool. The beginning is hilarious. I hope it’s OK to say that. :)

Nice production Paco! You have a way with camera angles. Like the way you put it all together!

Everything is so flat-and-level over there…
Guess that’s why they call it the prairies… I don’t see any rocks-and-swamps…
I was sure I was gonna see a cameo of Steven Harper…
Maybe, next time…
the audio track was great…


Nice production job Paco. I’ve been getting into producing quick videos nowadays as it seems Youtube is the only way to go!
Nice work

p.s. I’m fatter and uglier than you and I’ll be posting a live gig vid to prove it soon :)

Great stuff, Paco.

It sounds very good!.

Quote: (TomS @ Jun. 24 2011, 8:27 PM)

Cool. The beginning is hilarious. I hope it's OK to say that. :)

Yes it's OK to say that, I wore my worst t-shirt, shorts combo for that scene. And thank all for the nice comments evrybody.


PS…I’ll learn to spell when my keyboard does…LOL!!

:;): loved the begining, looks like you did a great job with the camera, loved the style of filming :agree: Great song too :agree: