i'm from another planet

not too un-literal

part two of the weekend’s triumvirate(sp). a little diffrent than ‘island’

"I’m from Another Planet"


cool picture of Neptune, methinks.

Very nice mix of stylings - loved the out guitar wahed. Is there a really wonderful way say "You’re a strange young man?"

Then that! :D

thanks much! I appreciate it.

yeah, i realized some time ago that my synapses don’t tend to fire the same way as other folks’. after several years, i’ve learned to become comfortable with and embrace that. And by comfortable, I mean doodling while others are talking.

one more song to be posted in the next day or two. probably tomorrow.

by the way, what are you still doing up?

I’m an old fart in the west - late up - early up… what time is it really?? There are songs to be recorded. I’m up.

Most EXCELLENT! Me likey… :agree:

Very “Pink Floyd-ish”… that’s a good thing.


i like pink floyd-ish too. thank you kindly.

Definitely Kings X-ish, if you ask me.

Thanks for making me jump out of my chair at 1.25… :;):

At first I thought you must have been taking something to write the lyrics, but in the context of the genre it’s under it actually makes sense to me!!

Nice playing, great eq etc


ha! if you understand the lyrics, then i must not have done a good job :laugh:

(i like king’s x, too, definitely underplayed/underrated in my opinion.)

p.s. i never have “taken anything”, but if i did i’d probably have a ‘normal’ trip, where i would make sense, be lucid, pay bills, go to some white-collar job and all that. to me, that’s not worth the money. :disagree:

Yeah, didn’t mean that to sound harsh by the way! It doesn’t read as light hearted as I meant it!!


(i like king's x, too, definitely underplayed/underrated in my opinion.)

"Gretchen Goes To Nebraska" is one of my all time favorite albums.

Great writing and arrangement JDET.

A little boomy on the bass for me ( maybe a comp to sit it in the mix), but great job.

Very Floydian (early stuff pre Dark Side) me LIKES! :)