I'm getting a control room!


We bought a new house - closing in a couple of weeks - my goodness, the place is gigantic - old too - finished basement with three rooms for the family to use for music making - and my wife, totally out of the blue, suggested that we stick a window in one wall and call it the control room! :D

I love my wife. :D :D :D :D

Congrats & cool!!!


I hate you :D


Hey, congrats! Now you’ll need a new console for it. I have just the thing. An AMEK Big 28 with full Supertrue Automation and Virtual Dynamics (basically plugins, but NICE plugins…). Got a TT patch bay, cables, cases, a custom desk I built for it…C’mon…It’s the console used for the Modest Mouse record “Moon and Antartica”. Yeah, I don’t like those guys much either, but their money (or at least Warner’s money) was green…

Seriously. Get it outa my studio. We’re rocking a 1985 MCI JH636 now and the AMEK is just sitting in it’s road cases taking up valuable space and not getting used.

O.K. I didn’t think so. All the same, you’ll love having a control room. Best of luck with your move!

I love it Tom. When I built my basement, I built two decent size (10’x16’) sound proofed rooms with an adjacent wall. The adjacent wall is made up of two independent insulated walls. In the middle of that wall is a stud boxxed 4’ wide by 2’ high opening that can house two seperate layers of insulated glass. Unfortunately, I never bothered to install the glass since the rooms were just used (often simultaniously) to teach music. So to this day, they are just drywalled. But some day… :)

That is some serious awesomeness !

Very cool


Get your camera going so you can document the building of this studio…

You got a link to the page where you get these wives? Do they take VISA? :p Could I afford one?


ya say the crib is old too ey?
that gets me to wonderin if theres any spirits runnin through it yet,left over from some past life and time,ya may have some ghost trackers or sumthin to contend with,which mite not be a bad thing.like maybe theres a ghost there from some frustrated life that couldnt get theyre song down because in thier time all that was availible was expensive analog stuff that just wasnt affordable ,so therefore they couldnt get it down an they had to go into theyre next lives carrying this song with them.
first thing ya may wanna do is get the rooms blessed by a priest,tribal whitchdoctor,etc,and then let the spirits know they are welcome by leaving offerings on the control desk at night,kinda like ya would have done for santa when ya was kid,but instead of leaving like cookies and whatever ya leave a bottle of crown an maybe a couple J’s(and not the cheap ditch either)then make sure ya put all the tunes yer workin on in a password protected drive,so they cant mess with yer trax,cause after all,they mite be some wiseguys too an they may wanna try an scare ya by adding some sounds from the hereafter world to yer stuff an freak ya out a bit,just to have some ghostly fun at yer expense,or too maybe the ghosts really didnt have a musical bone in em an they sold amway and so maybe they’ll just clean up yer mess at night,im just trying to sort out some possiblilities for ya man,im happy for ya.

Thansk guys! :) This sure has turned into an expensive hobby!

wozz, we’re closing on Halloween, the foyer has a Green Man in it already, and painted above the door, entangled in some vines, it says “Merry Meet” - I suspect the recordings will be enhanced with some EVP occasionally. :)

Bill, I have all along said: marry a musician. I’ve never had to justify an equipment purchase. Of course, my wife said she wanted this house the moment we stepped in the front door… anyway, the camera will be working. But I anticipate a couple of years to get it all set up. There’s that annoying thing called a “job” that keeps getting in the way of my life…

Clava, I have that CD. I’d be happy to take the console off your hands, at the right price. Let’s see, we’re plunging back into debt for this house, so I think the right price would be whatever I have in my wallet right now?


Congrats Tom.

I’m in a similar boat. We put up our new house (after fire) and missus says: " you might as well build a studio, so I can sing, and you can have your space" . I was floored.

Anyway, a year later, and it’s still not finished. It’s close, but not done. It’s been a real challenge building it while working, and raising kids, but I’m thinking I’ma gonna like it when it’s done.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! :)

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

What’s the setup, pjk?

Jermey - thanks, but you are MUCH nicer than I am. So I suspect that means you’ll end up owning a big time studio one of these days… :)

Control room = sex god.

Huh, too bad I didn’t do this about 20 years ago, then. :D

Not to late to start…or is it? :)


"If you experience an erection lasting for more then 4 hr’s,consult your doctor"

ya see,thats why i only do a half of one,it dont give ya a comlete hardon,but ya look pretty good when yer on the stage.

err, anyway,

TomS, I’ve got a blog on homerecordingconnection.com:


in there you’ll see my meager progress, and some pictures of the process. Plus a couple drawings I made up for measurements.

Start at the bottom, it’ll make more sense =).

feel free to ? me about stuff, if you want.