I'm going out on a limb

Kerry’s gonna take it tomorrow

Supposedily there’s an old (and accurate) predicator that says if the Red Skins win the game before the election, the incumbent or incumbent party wins; if they lose, the challenger wins. They lost yesterday!!!

I found a link to this - Election.

Hooray for Kerry!!!


PS - I may be eating these words tomorrow night :O

No, I fear you are more than right.

Run for cover or celebrate, depending on your leanings.

I’ve said since the primary season was in effect over, Kerry is going to whomp Bush. Well, “whomp” might be too strong…how about “win with a margin that will keep the legal wrangling to a minimum.” :)

I think it will be Kerry by 4-5%

you guys are all nuts :D

If I had to guess…and of course it is just a guess… I would guess that Kerry will win the popular vote by about 12% over Bush. I think the electorial vote will be much closer… probably Kerry win with about 280-290 electorial votes.

Just a guess…


12%! I dunno, that’s a lot. :)

I’d just like to see a landslide for Kerry. electoral-vote is saying around 290 - 300 for Kerry.

We’ll just have to wait (but it’s sooooo hard!!!)

Quote (TomS @ Nov. 01 2004,16:43)
12%! I dunno, that's a lot. :)

Not if your a Liberal hypocrite who married a rich widow and only
paid 12% in taxes .... while the rest of us (The Rich) pay more !!!

Tax Hypocrisy: Kerry Makes the Case for Fundamental Tax Reform
by Richard W. Rahn
October 28, 2004

Senator John Kerry keeps telling us that “the rich” need to pay more in taxes, and he proposes to raise the marginal tax rate that Americans with earnings in the two top tax brackets would pay. But the small amount that Kerry and his wife paid last year in taxes demonstrates the error of this approach.

The Senator, for example and his wife are among the 400 richest Americans. Last year, they paid only 13.4 percent of their declared $5.5 million income in federal taxes.

Ali bin Gali :cool:

I guess it depends on what the meaning of Rich, is .....

Quote (MidnightToker @ Nov. 01 2004,17:41)
I'd just like to see a landslide for Kerry.

Interesting ..... So would Osama !!!

Coincidence ? ???

Ali bin Gali :cool:

As long as Mr. G-Hole is out on that there limb, me and the boys would like to supply the rope. :;):

Do you actually think we will have a new pres come weds?

I think we ought to give them 6 years and no second term!!!
anyway go Kerry and yaaaay democracy…we got problems but just go to a most countries and you’ll see how good we got it. I don’t mean Canada.

Nahh - that could end of being worse. Every President would be a lame duck on inaguration day.


A lame duck is a lame duck no matter what day it is. ???


EDIT: Mr. Hang’em, I do believe that such “talk” is totally un-called for! Even in jest.

Ah, shucks. I’m mightly glad there’s a new PC Sheriff in town. Yessiree, Sheriff Gtr4 is gonna clean up our little town.

Now all you bad boys better watch your Ps & Qs. Don’t ya go and say somethin’ that might offend our women folks or other dainty types with sensitive ears.

My apologies to Mr. G-Hole for the cheap shot. It weren’t called for. :( And a tip o’the hat to gtr4him. :D

Quote (MidnightToker @ Nov. 02 2004,14:41)
Nahh - that could end of being worse. Every President would be a lame duck on inaguration day.



I don't know about that. I live in VA where a governor can serve one and only one term. The current governor, Democrat Mark Warner (although I disagree with him politically), has certainly not been a "lame duck", especially in regards to pushing a tax increase through a Republican majority in the state legislature. I think that it just requires a different set of strategies.


Looks like I’ll be eating my words. The American people have voted - GW Bush has been re-elected.