I'm moving back to New England!

Live free or die!

I getting out of So Cal while the getting’s good & before the big one.

I’ll be driving across the US starting 4/23 and I need to be in NH on 4/29. I haven’t figured out whether I should go the southern route (I-40) or the northern route (I-80) with all this weather. Either way is probably a crap shoot.

My family’s moving up in June.

I40 is a nice route, but try and stay on route 66 as much as you can. Take it slow and easy and enjoy the history (but avoid any fried chicken, it may bite back apparently :D).

If you take I-80 you’ll pass just a few hours south of us; stop by for a cuppa joe. :D

You too, John! :)

Amigo, Stop in Phoenix, we’ll go for a burrito!

Or maybe a chimi and margaritas!


Sorry Tom, too far north for me, and I’m allergic to polar bears (even the ones whose great-great-grandma screwed a monkey-dolphin. :( )

OK Beppo, I’ll be passing thru Phx midweek, gimme a time and a place. :D

PS Boffo, je suis un Canadienne, so I’ll drink and eat whatever you want, as long as it’s cold! :D

A Canadian who doesn’t like cold weather? Hmm? Next you’ll be telling us you don’t like hockey. ???

Lesser matters aside, I’ve always thought that NH’s motto was particularly cruel: “Live free or die” - what about the prisoners who make those licence plates, how do they feel about that?

There used to be a great wit named Jim from NH who was a regular on this board. He always referred to Flavio as ‘the god of DAW’.

Quote (Mr Soul @ April 13 2007,19:06)
I getting out of So Cal while the getting's good & before the big one.

What was it? The quakes, the fires, the locus? that tipped you off....

Or was it Arnold?

Is the state no officially Hollyweird?

keep shinin'

jerm :cool:

Jerm - it was all of those things :laugh:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Go East… Son… Go East… :O :laugh: :;):

Get on that I-66 and enjoy… :;):