I'm New and need a little help

Making tracks

Hi all…I just downloaded ver 6 on the trial basis…Its working good compared to my old cubase le I have already cut a fast CD with 1 track ,no effects.

What are the basics for making 2 tracks…I have a Yamaha mixer
When I record the first track with 1 instrument I want to add 1 more instrument on a 2ND track while listening to the first track…How do I do this?


The first thing I will sugest is, download the manual and read through it. Of course, you will get good answers here in the forum, but there are a lot of things you can do that you are going to have to have some idea that they can be done to really get the most out of N_Track
So, the first question I need to ask - how many channels are on the Yamaha mixer?
At any rate, after you record one track, just press the record the second time to record a new track under the first. If you have a “Duplex” sound card, it will let you listen as you record. You may have to play with the Settings>Audio to chose the best driver to record with MME - slow but works, WDM can work very well if your computer is fast enough and you audio card is a good one. ASIO considered the best by lots of folks, but WDM will usually do about as good a job.
If you use WDM, Then you will want to experiment with the Setting > Buffers to see how low you can set them before you start getting pops and skips. ASIO buffers are set automatically by N-track, but not all audio cards handle it.
There is lots to learn, but it really is not too complicated once you play with it for a while. Welcome aboard!
Bax :;):

Thanks for the reply there…The Yamaha mixer has 12 channels (mw12)
And I will download that manual…I realy love this n track…anyway the problem that I have doing the 2nd track Is I’m getting feedback…The first track Is recorded with the mic and the 2nd track Is also recorded with the mic<----------thats where I need the help

If I understand you correctly, the answer would be to get a headphone so that the mic does not hear the recorded sound. I have recorded by putting the speaker a good distance away, but you might just replace the feedback with unwanted echo.

Hey Bax…You understood me correctly :agree: …and I tried the earphones :) plugged In the PC(laptop)…But It was hard to hear…had the volume up full I think on the laptop…I will play around with It some more…Thanks a ton for your time and help