I'm sellng some gear..:-(

I gotta get rid of 4 toys to get one new one.

My Ebay Webpage

I was going to send the ART pre amp to Craig but man, shipping cost more than it’s worth.

Told ya!

Well it ain’t like I didn’t believe ya - I had to check. It sux…
And the dollar value to help a brother out with a purchase in Euro or Pounds, sux even more.

It’s the thought that counts!!

I thought I was thinking for a minute there… Nope.

PW? You ditching that 122? I like those little suckers so well I have TWO of 'em! Er… well, HAD two of 'em. One of 'em turned into a geetar. They’re super handy for a quickie location job or packing for travel.


I thought about keepin’ it. Hate to see her go but my new addition waits.

I know how it is… limited “toy” funds… sigh Gotta get that boy through college…