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Hi, new to the forum. I’m using Native Instruments Guitar Rig, and it’s really amazing. I plug my guitar into the computer and the Guitar Rig has thousands of different amp models to chose from. I used to use Audacity to record what I played in Guitar Rig, but there would be no distortion, just the dry guitar sound. I heard that I would need a recording program that is able to record DXI or VST so I downloaded N-Track. How exactly would I go about recording a VST or DXI track with N-Track? I’ve been trying to fin d out how for so long but I’ve had no luck.

Forgive me, I’m not great with computers. And when I say I’m not great, I mean I’m absolutely clue-less.

A basic way to do it would be to (1) create an audio track, (2) add your VST/DXI effect to the track as an “insert”, (3) press the “Live” button so you can hear the effect as you play, (4) enable (“arm”) the track for recording, (5) start recording.

The effect will not really become part of the actual recording until you mix down the track/song to a wav/mp3 file. Before then, it’s just a real-time “preview” of what the mixdown will sound like, and you can still adjust the effects to taste during playback. However, things can get very CPU intensive after adding many effects, or even a few power-hungry ones. After you mix down the song to a wav, the VST effect becomes “frozen” in the wav file (i.e., can’t tweak it anymore).

Many have said they’d like to see a “freeze” function for individual tracks so you don’t have to wait for the mixdown step for the freeze to happen–kind of like a “mini-mixdown” for individual tracks which creates a new track from the result. This would be nice, since playing back a track with “frozen” effects takes a lot less CPU power than playing one with the effects running “live”.

Hope some of this makes sense…


I’ve never used Guitar Rig, but I would imagine that you would need to insert it as an effect on a track and enable “Live” input processing.
Check out page 20 of the manual.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m still really confused. This is how I’m doing it, please tell me where I’m wrong…

1) Track | Insert Blank Track | Audio
2) Track | Midi | New Instruments Channel | DXI | Guitar Rig
3) Guitar Rig loads, and I chose the amp model that I like.
4) I click on “Live” and then record.

I couldn’t find where I could enable “arm” the track for recording. Please give me some help. I just downloaded this and I have no clue how to use it.

This might help. There’s a tutorial in it that answers some of your questions. It might be a little out of date since V4 came out. I haven’t looked at it in a long time.


Also check out http://www.audiominds.com There is a lot of good info over there.

It looks like Step 2 is where you’re going wrong. You should be using Guitar Rig as a VST “insert” effect into the audio track, not a DXi (I think it has that capability, but I’ve never Guitar Rig myself). Using the menus as in your instructions, starting at step 2, it would be:

Note: This assumes version 4.xx

2) Click on the new track to select it
3) Track | DSP Effects
4) In the “Add new effect ->” drop-down list, choose your Guitar Rig VST
5) Guitar Rig loads, choose your amp model
6) If you want, close the track effects and Guitar Rig windows
7) Go back to the new track, click on the small circular button–it turns red (That’s the “arm” part)
8) Click on “Live” then record



Let me correct a small error: “DX” or “VST” is what you mean. “DXi” and VSTi" are plugin instruments, which take MIDI input and make sounds. GitRig is a normal effect plugin, which takes audio input and modifies it. The “i” stands for “instrument”.

You use LIVE mode if and only if you want to hear the effect while you’re recording (which, in general for an effect like amp/cab sims, you do).

First, though, keep it simple and record without using LIVE mode. Use external gear (if you have it) to give you a sound you can use to hear what you’re playing. Then, on the audio track in the Mixer view, right click on the little effects box – the little square where effects would be listed. You’ll be presented with a list of effects to plug in; just pick GuitarRig. If it’s not there, post back and we’ll help you fix this, it’s easy.

After you have that working and fiddle with it a bit, get an idea of what’s going on, then try Live mode. Just click that LIVE button, and you should be able to hear what you play with GR’s effects applied.

You may notice there’s an annoying delay between when you play and when you hear it. This is called “Latency”. Post back to find out how to minimize it. We’ll need to know what you’re using for your soundcard.

The great thing about using something like GR is that you can adjust the amp & cabinet tone while listening to the full mix. This is really a great level of flexibility, and makes it a LOT easier to “carve out sonic space” for different instruments to get them to fit well together in the mix (for example, to keep the top end of the bass and bottom end of the guitars from creating mud.) Normally we use EQ to fix this, but with GR you can do even better. It’s also very cool to take a guitar track and duplicate it, and apply two different amps on each track, and pan them apart. You can then send both of these tracks to a Group or aux buses for adding further FX, when you want the same effect applied to both. But that’s for later! Just so you know n-Track is capable of sophisticated routing. :)

HTH :)

PS: There’s no difference between doing what Scantee said and doing what I said (using menu versus right-clicking on the FX box). Whichever you find convenient! But I do suggest you record a quick track and fiddle with just the GR effect and get used to how N works before hitting that LIVE button. LIVE mode adds some new problems and considerations, so get everything else sorted out first before digging into that.

Quote (learjeff @ Nov. 20 2004,11:33)
If it's not there, post back and we'll help you fix this, it's easy.

wasn't there.

When you installed Guitar Rig, did you select the option to install the VST and DXi plugins?
Might be possible that you only installed the stand alone option.
Re-install Guitar Rig and make sure you select the plugin options as well.
If it still doesn’t show up in the list as “NI GuitarRig”, goto n-Tracks Preferences > Paths … under the option for the plugin folder, place a check mark in “Next time do a complete scan”.

Also, use Windows’s “Search” facility and look for a folder named “VSTPlugins” or something like that. (Sorry, had to reload my computer, and haven’t reinstalled music stuff yet.) This will be in a different place depending on what order you installed software.

If you install N first, you’ll find it in the “C:\Program Files
-Track” directory. But if you installed any other VST or VSTi first, you could find it elsewhere. Last time I did, I installed NI-B4 first, and it ended up directly under “C:\Program Files
-Track”, and I had to go to n-Track “Preferences -> Paths” and hit “Browse” and navigate to this folder, and that fixed it.

No doubt there’s a registry entry for this. It seems that after the first one, any other installations use the same folder. But that might not be the case, some installers might not pay follow the rules. If you find more than one such directory, then try to consolidate them.

If anyone has more specific details, please fill 'em in! For example, the Registry key or the actual folder name for VST plugins.