I'm trying to work!!!



You can well laugh. Ok, I’ve got buddies over, we’re knockin’ an old number around with too much wine. But sometimes, it matters, and the nutty little dog, will, not, stop!

Seriously, though :laugh:
I’m trying to ‘rebuild’ an old jazz number but I can’t play or own a trombone, which, apart from the lead vocal, is it’s main signature. (how I wish I could teleport Bubba and his crew for a couple of hours). The drums are cool (cheers Poppa) and a decent build of bass, guit, ukes and lead voc. I want to keep it as organic as I can, so avoiding ‘soft’ brass. I’ve attempted to replicate the melody of the trombone on guitar, paying attention to the ambience - bit just not happy. I’ve started recording tracks with a kazoo (with a Realistic PZM) and I’m nearly convinced;-)

Sell that kazoo! Make it big!

Or - autotune the dog.

That’s a nice piece of kazoo work there - phoo
I kinda like TonyR’s pooch-kazoo better. It’s got more 'bark’

A little kazoo histra

Ok, guys - I can take a hint.
Tom! I'll sample the dog and play him like bagpipes. (I'd love an EWI)
Phoo! Nice one, dude. You're mental. (how are the shells comin' on?)
SoE! Yeah, but, I'm not sure that The Mighty 'Dink' is cut out for showbiz - you know what terriers are like!?

And... I'm getting some prety interesting sounds with guit and kazoo in unison.


I want it to sound like it was dragged onto a wax cylinder in a smokey dive in 1957

I love wax cylinder recordings.


So do I Tom. I’m thinkin’; 8bit mono

With wicked band-pass EQ.

The drums are getting there. I’m got all but one 18" (new to me from eBay) and one 20" (was one of the bass drums) floor toms finished, except for a few minor fix-ups, like relacquering the bass drum hoops. Should be able to get it all done over the holidays.