I've been ripped

all songs gone

Well I thought I would check to see how the new comp and system would sound today.
Guess what? About a dozen folders with various songs and ideas are gone.
Interesting how things like this have been happening the last few days when I’m sleeping.
The fasoft folder and the nTrack 6 folders are all still there but all the song folders within the nTrack 6 folder are all gone.
now my project is dead

For 3 hrs I went through the frustration of seeing my song folders gone. 3 hrs, to weird. I reinstalled nTrack and now I’m seeing my songs again. Shew! Funny all the missing folders had an iLok paddalelock on them so I’m guessing that it was an iLok oddity. Or that I was logged in as a user possibly. Hey I’ve been doing this over a decade, this was way to weird. I’m very happy to still be in business :agree:

I too am happy for you.

There’s no business like mo business.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Backup time!

The night before I sat there and watched a fader on the nTrack mixer go from 0 down to -18 or so, on it’s own! I had just moved my mouse and taken my hand away when I saw the fader go down. I thought “this comps haunted” :laugh: Then went to sleep and woke up to find my folders missing. Twird!
I’m sure it was some kind of mouse over effect for the fader and the missing folders was from not being logged in as admin. But there is only one user on this comp and he’s the admin so how I could be logged in as a user instead of admin is beyond me.
I have two ideas. 1. Symantec makes little things go bump in the night if you don’t install their security.
2. the guy that sells evo has ilok go bump in the night if you only demo his products.
I have to admit that iLok sort of takes over even after it’s uninstalled. I’ll have to go to regedit to completely remove it I guess.
Oh yea and there’s the user privilege error message. And this comp has not been on the internet!
studio devil
thats about it

HP address’s my sound issues.
My problem is that; specifically on the left channel I’m hearing distrotion as if a speaker was blown.
It happens with curtain frequency’s.
When I first got the computer I had to remix two songs because I thought the highs were a little to bright.

hp says if your hearing distorted sounds or to many highs do this :;): Hey that’s what mine is doing!
I’ve gone through their steps to correct, and it seems better.
Now when I hear other music it sounds improved.
But when I listen to the songs in question I’m still hearing the distortion.
The distortion is on the guitar track which is panned right with an echo effect panning left.
So it’s the echo side of the guitar track that is peaking with a bad frequency.
And I have to admit I was more consirned about the bass level and mud on the left side, it’s also possible that I pushed the highs on the left to give the bass more presence.
It’s possible that it’s mixed into the song and the comp is fixed.
So I’ll remix and re’master that song to try to remove that otherwise I’ll have to replace something on the hardware end.

Scarey shittt. Hang in there, dude.

I saw that fader move from way over here…

Blow that smoke in another direction…

It’s weird when things happen like that…
I hope you find an answer for that…
Let us know…


:laugh: I joke about being buzzed all the time, just to be a fun guy but in all honesty I haven't even had a sip of Jack in weeks and I have some in the kitchen.
I gave that up in 88 so I could pass drug tests, my music improved
:) Wouldn't mind a puff tho lol
The fader was in fact a mouse over effect, that just added color to the story.
The buzzing appears to be a cracked eardrum, same thing happened last yr. (thank goodness for meters lol) Have treated the ear and it's better.
Did learn to upgrade and update remove and reinstall like a mad scientist!
Why crack eardrums? Well someone has to check the tones at highest vol :)~
The tough part is taking older mix's, trying to cut the bull out of them.
Probably easier to remix?

i know what is it. it it flavoi him dialing in 2 ur comp coz of ip address. he liek to play poultrgiist and steal ur tune and make ur dial move. lol :laugh:

:laugh: that must be it

I’m only havin fun with you, Levi… :laugh: :) :p

I don’t know about that other guy… hehe…


p.s. The thing I can’t make work is the multi-storage card reader on the front panel of the studio computer… I don’t know what happened to it… ???

No prob Bill the pain has long past and gone, I’m back at it for now anyway :agree: