i've bust it again

vst trouble this time

So i read on this forum that guitar rig is good, downloaded it, installed it … and now i’ve lost all my vst effects

ntrack tells me there’s an "error reading vst scan file"

any tips, or should i learn to stop worrying and love the clear sound?

Remove ALL the effects from the VST directory then add them back one at a time (or a few at a time) - going into n-track each time and letting it scan - until you find the one that n-track doesn’t like. Then delete it.

Alternatively you could look through the scanlog for the offending file…



the log file in the the n-track program directory and is called vstdat.log.

thanks, i got the bugger.

also pruned back all those dodgy fx i never use which seems to have made ntrack a little more stable

now its just tube screamer after tube screamer…:wink:


now its just tube screamer after tube screamer…:wink:

Love it… :laugh: :D


thanks, i got the bugger.

Just for the record, what was the offending plug?
Quote (Mark A @ Feb. 04 2006,05:21)
the log file in the the n-track program directory and is called vstdat.log.

hmm! i don't have one of those! does it only show up if the scan is crashing?


yeah, i cannot find the log file.
help please? :(


I dunno about V4.xx but in 3.3 it’s called vstdat.dat


the thing is, i dont know where i’m supposed to look for that file…

Hi volcanolance:
If you go to Start>then Search. for vstdat.dat… I found the file in the Documents and Settings\Application Data
-Track Studio… However I was not able to “Open” the file… XP asked me to enter the program that made the file… When I did. it opened n-Track and a screen said the n-Track could not open the file. The extension is .dat… I didn’t try any other utility, but there has to be some utility that will open the file… Mabey, notebook… or something… But vstdat.dat referes to … and we all know it’s the list of VST .dll’s that are in the folder of VST Plugins… in program files… It may not be found in the Program files of n-Track… depending on where you decided to place that VST folder… on your system/setup… If the VST folder isn’t scanned at n-Track launch time… Most of the guys go into the VST Folder in Program files/FA Soft/n-Track and phyiscally remove the VST.dll’s one-at-a-time till the VST Scan works… and n-Track VST Plug-in screen opens…

I stand corrected… but I think that is what they do…

There is a number of conditions that causes this issue, but some of the VST plug-ins work with n-Track and some don’t… This may have been already discussed in and on the Board…

Mabey, it’s in the “wickie”… ??


You can open the vstdat.dat in Notepad as it is just a simple text document.

On my setup – Windows XP, n-Track v3.3 – vstdat.dat contains a good bit of binary stuff and seems, from the visible text strings, to be a list of all the plugins I’ve got, not a log of errors that occurrred when scanning. I’ve never seen a log-file of that sort (although I haven’t really been looking).

Sorry to sidetrack the topic so much, but I’m just hoping to find out more about this logfile topic, since I’m having trouble with some VSTs.


yeah, its still not working for me.
luckily, my list of directX plugins is equally as great, so i got almost no problem.
its just fuckin annoying, thats all.

I think the easist thing to do to try to fix the VST Scan is… Remove the Plugs… one-at-a-time till it begins to work properly…



A well tried and trusted solution is to remove all the plugins, delete the vstdat.dat file and then add the plugs back one at a time until you find the faulty one.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have lots of plugs you don’t even use any more, so it’s a good opportunity to purge them. I don’t know if there is a critical size to the vstdat.dat file, but it seems logical to keep it as small as possible.