I've going to get a custom Arconti guitar

when I can afford it…

I posted this link here before Arconti Guitars but I just played the guitar shown on his web site last Sunday (because Bob bought a DAW from me) and I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I expected it to be nice but I also thought there’d be something about it I didn’t like but there was nothing. I’m sold - I’m going to order one next year. My dad has a +100 year old piece of Walnut that we may try to use on the body, otherwise I’ll use Mahogany.

I also played another friend’s PRS McCarthy, and while it was nice, I liked the Arconti guitar better.

Also I really liked the DiMarzio Bluesbucker® pickups he puts on these guitars (you can order any pickup) but they are basically hum cacelling P-90’s.



Well, keep us updated.

Did you get your amp?


Well it might feel nice and sound nice, but IMO that is one of the ugliest guitar I’ve seen. Looks like something my mother in law would put on display - probably with a doilie underneath it :D


Did you get your amp?
Which one - I've got so many? :p

Well it might feel nice and sound nice, but IMO that is one of the ugliest guitar I've seen.
Wow - couldn't disagree more, but looks would be a personal preference - wouldn't you agree? Just our of curiosity, what kind of guitar do you think looks good?

He'll make a guitar for you however you want. You can design it, you can pick the woods & hardware. What more can you want?[QUOTE]

You mentioned that you were looking at getting a new amp this past weekend.


Am I lost in a time wrap - weren’t you were the one who got a new amp?

I got an '67 DR on eBay about a month or so ago - is that what you’re thinking of?