I absolutely love this tune...

Miss this guy a TON too…

Man… “it” just pours out of his guitar…

What Stevie and D/T would have done if that chopper crash had not taken him…


Could not agree more.
I was very lucky to have gotten to see him two
times in a small club just before he went big.
Stood 10 feet in front of him,
with a very small crowd.
He had the most focus of any player Ive ever seen live.

Yea cool song. Stevie was a great player especially for the 80’s, I was REALLY into his vocals.

Genius! The guit ran through him, like blood.
David Bowie’s Let’s Dance album would have weighed
a lot lighter without him.

Then I imagined how he would have got along with
Stu Hamm?


Stevie R V + Stu Hamm. I’ve been listening to both for a few days - I would have loved to have heard :laugh: them play together.
Just as Paco believes that all Europeans are ‘bag-heads’ (heroin addicts), I believe that everyone born within a thousand miles of Tennessee can play that ‘finger-pickin’ style - but on a bass - please!? :laugh:

My favorite Stevie Ray song. :)