I am having Trouble

Being new to all this stuff, I am having trouble getting things to work. I downloaded the trial vervion of n-track so that I could transfer my music from my Fostex FD-4 to my computer. When I try to record from the FD-4 to my sound card I either get nothing or some really fuzzed out sound with the music way in the depths. I guess I need somebody to explain some basics to me. I am sure that my soundcard is not the best, but at the moment it is all I can afford.
So, I leave the door wide open to you experts to fill in this dummie.

Not familiar with that FD-4 form Fostex, but I will give it a shot.

For starters there are a few questions:
1. Are you going into the Line In or the Mic In on the sound card? You should use the LINE IN.

2. Have you recorded thru you card with other sources with differenct results.

3. What are the out puts you are using from you FD-4?

Lets us know.

  1. Yes, I am going into line in not mic
    2. No, this is the first time I have tried it
    3. Output is the stereo out for the Fd-4. It is the one Fostex calls for to hook to the master recorder.
    Now, I will admit that the cord that I am using to go between the two is not a shielded cord, is that important?
    When I just play from the multitracker thru my computer it sounds just fine.

sup yall

i am bran new hre

this is my first post

i have downloaded the trial version of the ntrack

although i don’t know how to use it at all…i think i may know ur problem

you are connecting ur tape recorder to the pc through the tape recorders STEREO output…feeding it in to the line in input …which is MONO????…i think its mono anyway…lol

i think thats the problem



Line-in is almost always stereo. Mic-in is mono and can be very easily overdriven, especially if the volume boost some of them have is turned on.

What kind of soundcard do you have?

Yes, for audio it’s VERY improtant to use only shielded cables - unshielded are for speakers only. The signal could be getting corrupted by hum or RF.