I am new. I need some advice

Recording help

I am new to n-Track. I have been studying the manual and a question
has come up.I would like to record the song “Little Drummer Boy”.
I would like each part (Bass, Baritone, etc) to sound as though there were
multiple voices but they are all infact me. Would it be better to
record a part (Bass for example) and the replicate the track several
times or record each voice as a track?

Rgds, Fritz

Best to record each as a single track


The advantage of recording the track several times is that the slight vacations add a “human” touch to the recording - a randomness that is hard to replicate. The trick is used for Vocals a lot. However, You can take a single track and use Track > Clone to make several copies and then move the tracks very slightly so that they a bit out of sync. Or you could use a Chorus plugin. With any approach, for something like Bass or Drums, I would be careful about multiple tracks. You want the beat to be strong and usually precise. Maybe what you want to consider are ather ways to “broaden” the sound. For instance, make a stereo track of the bass and pan the tracks hard left and right ( or experiment with a setting ). This will leave the bass in the canter, but with a slightly “fatter” sound. There are also things you can do with EQ to and compression to get a bass sound you like.
Good luck and have fun,

Thank you, both. I look forward to having fun.