I Bought a Mandolin

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 18 2008, 1:18 PM)

Nope, not in trouble.
Maybe it was a critic with hacker skills.

Anyway, I'll get it back up sooner or later.

Now go make some music.

Aaaa so I'm not the only one who thinks like that. Well if you find out that it was a hacker, I want a peice of um!
Makin music, now that's were it's, now that's where, ya that's where it's at!

You may have the face of a caveman, but you have the soul of a poet, Levi. :)

AAa very nice Tom I appreciate that! As do you! If I can help at soundclick let me know! :agree:

arggggh still not there Tom…


Hey tomS,
At leat put your last song back up.


Ange x

Ah, too lazy to do so today. I give you a yell when I get around to it. :)

I’ve got an idea for this song.
Before you put it up.
Send a copy to Ange and let her figure another voice for the chorus or bridge area.
Then Ange mail your vocal track back so TS can mix as he pleases.
That was the only weak area of the song.
It seemed a little repetitious, over produced, stiff in that area(vocal).
Ange addin a harmony to that part would definitely work.
Then you could always get a drunk drummer to sing her part in a falsetto for live situations. Yea?

Now I didn’t mean that to sound like I think Ange sounds like a drunk drummer :laugh: :laugh:
So don’t mess with me about that! Just try it! We are talking about chart topping, not ego strokin! :agree:

Hee hee hee - Levi, I thank you.

How about it, Ange - want to do your best drunk drummer imitation?

Anyway… about chart topping…how about that last one Ange posted? My my.

Ringo got notin’ on me… you got yourself one ‘drunk drummer imitationalistic wanna be chart topping backing vocal singing…’ I know i was going somewhere with this… urm… ???

yup, I’d love to Tom, it’d be a privilege. :agree:

Ange x