I can't get aux sends to infinite zero

They’re stuck to -25 dB


This is a bit strange. I moved some songs made in v. 3.3 into 4.2. something and the aux sends (in aux2 to be specific) that were in -inf are now -25 dB.

I turned them to -inf and they went there. Now I imported some more wavs to new tracks and much to my surprise original tracks aux sends are now back in -25dB.

Ok, I could live with that and move them back down with the mouse, but no, they won’t move. Dammit. I would like to have a hint of reverb to some of the new tracks, but now i can’t use the aux2 send of those, because the original tracks would be reverbered (no, that’s not a word) too.

I guess I have to make a new aux channel and use that.

My guess is that the default max slider in v4.2 is lower than -25.

I had the same problem - I changed the preferences to have a max of -50 or something on the sliders, and when I loaded a song the auxes were all set for -25 (or whatever the range was set at previously).

Just set your slider ranger for -25 and that should fix it.

Just came back from the studio and I figured out there how to get them back down. I just had to move the sliders up a bit and after then they moved back down to -inf with a click of a mouse.

But thanks, I check out the settings of the sliders.