I Can't save custom presets

Anyone else having problems

I have not been able to save my custom presets for the last few beta versions. They save and work until I exit N-Track. When I reopen Ntrack the presets for the effect are gone - hte effect shows the effect with the modifications, but the actual preset is not listed as available. So, I can’t carry the preset from one soong file to another.
Is this happening to anyone else - is there something that I missed?

Hello bax3, not totally sure what you are saying is wrong.
I just used n-track 6.0.6 build 2519, and changed settings for an effect on the master tracks.
Saved the song project, exited, restarted, and the new effect settings were there for me.
I did this for izoptope ozone applied to the master track.

To clarify - I’m saving a Preset to the list of Preset available for an effect.
Let’s say I change a bunch of settings in an effect to get the sound I want.
I save the setting to a
preset I name George Sound.
Then I save the song and open another song from the other songs George has made.
I open the effect and select “George Sound” from the list of saved presets.
This works until I exit N-Track.
When I open N-Track later and load a new song and add the effect - the list of presets no longer has “George Sound” on the preset list.

If I reload the same sng. file the effect is inserted with the proper setting for “George Sound” but it is not listed as a preset.
A “custom” preset when saved (such as George Sound)should be available when I load a different song and want to use the same settings by selecting the same custom preset (like George Sound).
Anyone tried any thing like this?

I just tried your scenario and I still see the new preset that was defined in another song
as available for a new song.
I only tried for n-track Echo, what effect are you trying this for?

Quote: (pingcat @ Nov. 10 2009, 9:34 PM)

I just tried your scenario and I still see the new preset that was defined in another song
as available for a new song. I only tried for n-track Echo, what effect are you trying this for?

Good Question. Some VST's don't save properly due to either, as result not installing the VST to a default directory it wants or the VST saves it somewhere else in which I can't locate it when it launches. Perhaps Flavio can shed a little light on the subject. For example, is it N-Tracks functions which save settings of VST's or is it the VST itself responsible for it? Maybe it's a combination of the two creating conflicts with some but not others.


I tried it with a couple of N-Track plug-in and the problem is as I described.
I’m using the new beta build 2325, but I have had the problem for the last few builds.
It is DirectX plugins that I am having trouble with - at least directly.
I have started using Izotope Allow and notice that both Allow and Ozone save custom settings to the My Documents of XP.
When I tried to Set the VST Directory in the Preferences, N_track crashed. So, Flavio now has a report on that part of the problem
I am not sure where N_Track is putting DirectX dll files now.
I used to have them in a sub directory to n-Track but it is not there in n_Track Studio 6.
There is a sub-directory for Vstplugins and a VstpluginsShared.
Nothing showing for DirectX. I think they may have been moved, but I don’t know where.
I loaded several of the VST plugins from Ntrack and they work, but the Allow Does not.
I don’t know if it is messing up the other plugins.

Hi bax3:

I got into “TrackProperties” today using the last build of v6.0.6 is it build 2522 ????

Anyway I loaded v6.0.7 b 2523…

and I’ve using the Trim Control in the Track Properties…
The only way I can make it save is,
Re-save the session as…
“Save As”…which creates another name for the file…
old song

song _ 111109, or some other code… Then the Trim Control saves,
at least for me… it works, that way…


Hi, Bax. In the short time that I’ve been n-Tracking, I’ve noticed this kind of thing with the beta’s. Things not being where you left them! Gurhhh!!! Re-install to a couple of V’s back.

I’ve seen that before, but after removing some that I don’t use or need, the others showed up.
The bar will only show what there is room for.