I can't trigger n-drums patterns from midi

I can’t seem to place controllers

I’m new to midi, so I’ve got several things to learn at once with the new n-drums. I’ve got the midi channel on 16, output to n-drums and I can create a drum track piece-meal on the piano roll, but I can’t seem to place controllers to trigger a pattern from n-drums (A,B,C, etc.)
I’ve got my "bank select method set as normal (in track properties) and the events to place set as program change.
Is this right? Also, when I try to place an event, I can’t do it. Well, actually when I try to place one on C1 a short vertical line appears far above or far below C1 (usually up on C5). (BTW I also have events to view set on program change).
What am I doing wrong, thanks alot!

Try h e r e

when i first tried n-drum i could not grt it to work at all - so this may help you (or not) as ths case may be

1… go to - Preferences - options - make sure that the “stop song at end of track” is NOT ticked
2… open n drums from Add channel - add new instrument channel - ntrack - n-drum - n-drum GUI will appear
3… on the lower level of the top toolbar you will see an upright little keyboard - click on this and in preference panel set OUTPUT TO n-drum
4 click on n-drum MENU - style - select anything to start with
5… click on the LIVE button
8…click on PLAY -

all being well you will hear drums -

on my system if i hit record n will record the sequence playing - when mixed down to wav file i can use it in any track i want -

you could if you want make up a complete library of pre recorded drum tracks this way and drop them into any song as and when needed (just gotta watch the tempo) but thats what Goldwave was invented for

yours Dr J