I cant move a single cloned track

Used to be able to do it…
When I clone a track, I can’t move the cloned part to butt up to the original ie. to double its length…BOTH parts move.

Hope you can help

When you clone the track they become joined. You have to right click and create separate takes, Then you can move them independently. (Ungroup)


Yup. And/or right click on clone and choose ‘un-group parts’.

Thanks Paco. Thats really annoying!
I used to be able to clone a track then immediately move the cloned part wherever I wanted!

I just wanted to add. If your cloning tracks because you might have difficulty playing the part start to finish the whole length if the song, I found a neat way of doing each take with out having to match the beat with takes. Meaning not having to adjust the cloned track to match the beat.

For example, I just started last year to play bass. Sometimes the bass is so intense my fingers get sore very quickly. So I make parts for the song like 4 bars long. So instead of cloning the 4 bars and cloning them and putting them into position for the full length, then matching it to the beat, I create each take independently 4 bars long, playing along in perfect time. I use 2 tracks below my bass track because I’m always recording in stereo, and I record the parts in time with the drums, then I drag the new track parts, (4 bars each) up to the bass track, slide the edge back of the previous take then I “place part at cursor” (because the cursor remains where I started the take when the I finished recording), so the take is in the correct position and then I take the edge back so the 2 takes merge with just the slightest overlap and it sounds fine, totally to the beat, no gaps. This allows me to build a bass track in the correct time, 4 bars at a time because I use the “place part at cursor” function. It’s better than trying to clone, because cloning you have to match up the beat, which takes a lot time, and sometimes the beat will be off just a pinch because on the time line, that is if you use the time line to edit it’s position of the cursor and if you use the time line to “place parts at cursor” it’s only marks to hundredths of second in which the beat could be off + or - that hundredth.


Hi Paco572 and Group:

Could I assume that cloning and moving analogue Parts are somewhat different than cloning and moving Midi Parts ??
I say that because Midi parts are different to align to a grid, where as analogue parts don’t behave like analogue bars of the same length of music…
Do they ????

I don’t quite remember, when the clone update changed, but I agree with spreadercraig, Cloning Tracks back then was much easier back before the Cloning tracks,(in the analogue domain) changed…

I now wonder if Flavio could incorporate both versions of Cloning Tracks in a Drop Down menu ????

It seems to me that cloning tracks in the Analogue-or-Midi Domain is quite a different affair…


Agreed Bill…I wouldn’t even try cloning midi for fear of opening a can of worms…

I think it’s N v. 6 when this “ungrouping” business started appearing, Bill. In v. 5 you could just clone and then move just the new clone right away.
I’ve never had the need to clone a midi track so don’t know about that.
For me I gotta say I prefer the way the older versions worked.

It’s a doodle with midi - can be done in the timeline, too, but take care not to alter the section length.

It’s not how you “Clone-and-Move Parts”… It’s how you get Used to "Cloning-and-Moving Parts…

I liked the earlier versions of n-Track for doing this procedure… :) :agree: