I don't quite like this...

OK… Normally I don’t like to start political threads, but this issue scares me.

I don’t care what Dean has to say, it’s his opinion and that’s fine, and that’s not why I posted this. Let’s try not to turn this into a “your guy sucks, your party sucks, and everyone that thinks like you is retarded and should be mercy-killed” thread, okay?

The thing that makes me go “HMMM?!?” is the fact that he’s in a foriegn country meeting with representatives from 30 other nations to discuss politcal strategies for the next wave of elections in the United States. Pardon me, but why the fuck is he in Canada conspiring with other countries? It’s none of thier danm business…

Am I missing something here?


…Dean told the semi-annual meeting of Democrats Abroad, which brought about 150 members from Canada and 30 other countries to the Toronto for two days…

Spreading the message

It sounds like American Democrats living abroad. That’s just a guess?

I dunno… I can agree with Dean on one thing though…


He has called for an end to the “consultant culture” — the legions of paid advisers employed by defeated candidate John Kerry that, critics complain, confused the candidate’s thinking and messages.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Mar. 20 2005,16:05)
It sounds like American Democrats living abroad. That's just a guess?

That's fine... But why hold the meeting in a foriegn country?

Better exchange rates… the food is better … all the hotels here were booked up for the NCAA tournament. … better rates on NorthWest to Toronto than NYC…

Man, I should be writing for Letterman.

Though, why not meet in another country? Does it matter? As for Canada, it is very much their business. It’s like telling China and South Korea to butt out of North Korea. You gotta keep an eye on your neighbors. I am not saying we are North Korea to Canada, but they look upon the US with very different eyes than we do. They have to look out for their interests because we sure won’t. We’re not the only ones allowed to look out for our interests.

Because they can’t count on the voters in the Continental US to elect them! So they go after Americans living abroad. Who, by the way, will fit the “We’re more traveled, more intelligent and thus more qualified to do anything.” mindset that seems to be the type of folks the Dems appeal to. Remember all the stuff after November? "New Yorkers as a whole are more intelligent and better educated than the heartland where people just follow the leader like sheep and don’t think for themselves."

I’m not trying to piss anybody off here OK? I just calls 'em like I sees 'em! :D

TG :)

John : 'That’s fine… But why hold the meeting in a foriegn country?‘

I guess that’s where you find the democrats who are living abroad…And as it says in the article, the largest such contingent is in Canada.

As to whether American politics is any other countries’ business, all I can say is that current US foriegn policy so directly affects almost everybody in every country, that it certainly is everybody’s business. Besides, the US undeniably considers the affairs of other countries to be its business - Fair is fair. However, this point is not pertinent to the Dean article, cos he really is just talking to American voters who happen to live abroad.

I've been in the US for 3 days now, and honestly, how do you folk manage to eat this crap!
We get fat, or we puke, or we get fat with clogged arteries and die.....

Please, stay away from Mickey D's.

I've been in the US for 3 days now, and honestly, how do you folk manage to eat this crap!
Hey - I went to England BK (before kids) and the food over there was nothing to write home about. The sausage was absolutely terrible (cow & not pig). It was difficult to get a decent breakfast also. The only thing that was affordable was pub food & that got old real quick. :p :laugh:

John - I watch out calling Canada a foreign country :D but seriously I think was Dr. Dean is going is just fine - no conspiracy theories at all.

We went all around the British Isles. The thing that was the hardest getting used to as far food goes, is that the “worst” part of the slaughter, the part that you would only see if the back of the grocery store in the US, is right in the front window in Great Britain. And you guys are civilized?

Quote (Mr Soul @ Mar. 20 2005,20:45)
John - I watch out calling Canada a foreign country :D but seriously I think was Dr. Dean is going is just fine - no conspiracy theories at all.

Sorry... I was referring to The Northern United States.


As for the "conspiracy", I'd like to know more; the article wasn't very clear on exactly who what where and why, so all we're left to do is speculate... Which usually gets ugly. :p

John, John, John, do your homework:



Are any of you implying that soldiers serving in Iraq, or civil servants serving abroad, or any other US citizen living abroad for whatever reason shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or get together and talk politics, because he or she is a Democrat?


Actually, I didn’t start this thread to argue, I was hoping for clarification. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.