I don't spin salad

a song with the diy Leslie

I posted a thread about my homemade Leslie for guitar a while back. Here’s a song I’ve recorded using it on the organ solo and guitar solo.


Really like the way Shake The Ground is put together. Super vocals. Real slick with the keys thru the spinorama right into the guitar spinorama.

Well that’s one way of putting a spin on it. Sorry couldn’t help it, I generally annoy friends and co-workers with cornball jokes all the time. Thanks for the feedback, I had something totally different in mind for that song but the first take just came out that way so I just went with it. Thanks again.

no chance to listen yet th - I will later. I’ve just noticed a ton of posts I need to catch up on though. Later…

Love Shake the Ground, good ol vibe to it, a throwback feel, good melody, real good harmonies, love the stereo pan mix. groovin keyboard solo and guitar break, :) Good one,