I finally found my BBQ!

Spring has Sprung in Colorado

What’s all that white stuff?

D - Southern Cynic Philosopher

D - that’s the stuff that piles up here in the mountains in the winter then heads south for the summer - I pity anyone downstream, we got a lot of this stuff to get rid of this year.

The folks in Cali will love it I’m sure.

We saw the occasional flurry this year and that’s about it. The last “big” snow we got was in '93. We had maybe 10 inches or so on the ground. I remember in '88, the local weather “expert” on TV was giving a slight possibility of a “dusting” in our area. I woke up the next day with 13 inches outside. Some “dusting” that was…


Wowsers, that’s a lot of white stuff! Uh, we grill out all year here, wouldn’t like digging out before cooking LOL

D, that was the blizzard of '93, got 23" here in the foothills.

Snow and cold makes me bones hurt, need pics of sunny beaches, string bikinis, little umbrella drinks, etc etc.

Jeepers. We had the grill going all year, with the second largest seasonal amount of snowfall we’ve ever had.

Fire good snow not stop caveman eat meat no!