I GOT IT!!! (a yamy 01X) HELP!!

trying to set it up to control ‘n’


I’ve finally put an end to the occasional forum posts I place here picking everybody’s brains about what audio interface to use. I’ve gone round the whole gamut of them in my mind over the past two years. I’ve read a lot of manuals, forum posts and reviews. I finally settled and bought a used Yamaha 01X. Got a good deal and it is in as-new condition with all the original stuff (box, software, cables, manuals…even came with the instructional DVD which has been helpful…its my understanding that the unit I purchased was actually the unit used in the production of the DVD…That’s fun!) I’m very pleased with it so far. Very well-built, and VERY full-featured. Nothing else quite like it as far as features go especially regarding its digital mixing function, and for the price… Let me know if any of you have any questions about it. I’ll be happy to give you my hands-on impressions as I work into it.

Obviously, based on my post title, I’m having some trouble getting it to control ‘n’. I’ve searched the forum and read all I can find about the ‘MIDI faders/control setup’ dialog but I’m stuck.

When I use the ‘Learn’ function, ‘n’ recognizes that there are MIDI messages being sent, but they’re not doing what they are supposed to do. I’ve only messed with trying to setup the faders and pans for tracks 1-8 so far. I figure if I can get those working, I can get the rest working as well. The pans work from the 01X to ‘n’, but all I can get the encoders to do is send an ‘n’ panner to L99 or R2. The faders worked for a moment when I first used the ‘Learn’ function, but all they did was send the track faders in ‘n’ to ‘Inf’. Now they do nothing. Whenever I try to get ‘n’ to ‘Learn’ a fader, it recognizes the 01X fader MIDI event as a ‘Note Off’ event. That doesn’t seem right to me… Here are as many of the settings I’m currently using and values that I can remember.

* I have both ‘send’ and ‘receive’ checked.
* My understanding is that the 01X uses MIDI channel 1 for remote control, so that’s what I’ve selected in the ‘MIDI event’ section, as well as under ‘Preferences>MIDI Settings>MIDI Devices’. Is the latter a bad idea?
* The range for the fader after ‘n’ receives the event is 0 to 32767 (I think…something like that).
* Each controller function I’ve tried so far (fader and pans 1-8) DOES get signed a unique ‘Controller number’.
* ‘Parameter’ is 1
* ‘Parameter 2’ is 1

Questions (outside of “How do I get it to work?”:

* What does ‘Parameter’ and ‘Parameter 2’ mean anyway?
* What does ‘Toggle/Incremental’ mean anyway? (please forgive me on those two questions…If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a real MIDI guy…mostly audio…dabble in MIDI stuff only when I have to)

I know the controller function of the 01X is working as it is functioning flawlessly with the sequencer software with which it comes bundled, Yamaha’s SQ01 v2, but SQ01 is much more limited than ‘n’, and I’m much more familiar with ‘n’. Hence why I’m pouring out my heart here. The 01X has built in profiles for Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Sonar and Digital Performer. It also has a “General” profile for use with SQ01, and I’m assuming (as is implies in materials included with the 01X) other sequencer software (like ‘n’ I hope ???)

Anyway, I’m not exasperated or anything like I see some get with these teething processes. I figure there’s got to be a way to make this work. If it can’t, it can’t, and I’ll have to go with plan B as far as a software DAW goes, but I’d rather not for obvious reasons. Its still a GREAT piece of gear. Anybody looking at a combo controller/interface ought to check it out. forum posts on www.01xray.com and www.gearslutz.com are a great place to look for real world impressions/problems/praises. Googling “Yamaha 01X review” is another great way to get some professional reviews.

Again, I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions from my limited experience with it thus far, though my knowledge in this area is pretty extensive after my research trek as far as comparing different controllers/interfaces! If I can get a healthy configuration file setup for it in ‘n’ I’ll make it available via email to anybody that wants it. Maybe could be incorporated in a future update of ‘n’? Flavio?

Thanks in advance everybody! :)

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