I guess the market is trying to tell us

How screwed up thing are right now…

Dow Tumbles 198 on Economic Worries.

I have a conservative Republican friend (only one) who just loves to brag when the stock market is going up, and how that’s an indicator of how well Bush et al. is doing.

Well, if that’s true, I guess the opposite must hold true, i.e., that the markets have been telling us for the last 3 days that things are pretty screwed up.

On that note, have a great weekend :laugh:

Our dog pees on our Azaleas. Bush’s fault?


Our dog pees on our Azaleas. Bush's fault?



Mature Azaleas have woody stems, so they are quite entitled to be called "Bushes".

So, you either blame the Bush, or kick the dog. :D
:D :D :D :D



The market goes up, it’s because of the current sitting president.
The market goes down, it’s because the mess the previous terms president made is finally coming to fruition.

Of course, this has been going on for years.

There is on ironic twist. Bush is a two tern president. He is both the current sitting president and the previous terms president…as was Clinton.

I think this is job of Mighty Mouse.

Yeah Mike,
I think it’s too presumptious to think that the stock market can be any indication of the current administrations efforts.
Beside’s the effects on the interest rates, and minimum wage, the legislative branches play hands in. I’d dare to say most of the effects on the current stock market is governed by long term foreign trade policies, and the ability for individual companies to turn a profit in a saturated market.
Shure, presidents can take a stand a gainst big buisinesses, and help the average joe, but the resulting ripple to the economy would be in effect bad for average joe.
So in conclusion,
The worse the economy is doing, can be an indication the a president is doing a better job than we might think! tee hee.
If the stock market were up to record highs right now, that would tell me, the little guy has got the shaft and big buisness is on top of the game for another term.
Keep up the good work, Bush! lol
I think that’s how Regan got such a bad rap, went against big biz, then the resulting economic slump retarded any nobel efforts to stick up for the little guys, it happens. What’s that saying the road to disater is paved with good intentions…?
jerm :laugh:

Take dips daily now eh? But the economy is doing better.


Well, they just announced in the local paper that unemployment is way down in our area. Of course that just means a couple new Wal-Mart Supercenters have opened. Door greeter at $5.50 an hour anyone? If we keep losing all the good paying jobs, there won’t be anybody BUYING anything at all those freakin’ “Supercenters”!! Why can’t these goobers figure that out? :angry:

TG – having visions of my poor kid retiring from Wal-Mart. Dead broke. :(