I guess this is kinda heavy...

Comments please!!

Hi all,

Just put down guitar and bass and did a quick mix and master of this track. I guess the playing is a little bit sloppy (espessially towards the end) but I’m really interested in your opinions of the overall sound.



One other thing - myspace re-encode all uploaded audio, so the sound has been degraded somewhat ???

Well, here goes, and I’m just a groundling, but:

Your drums are pretty buried. I’ve come to think that the drum sound can really add character to a track. I want to hear a ‘voice’ in just the drums, and bring 'em up! The giveaway that they’re buried is the cymbals- they ought to be a lot more ‘in your face’. Just my opinion.

The kick sounds like a not very dull thud. Give it some bottom and some top, pull out the mids, and that’ll maybe bring it forward a bit. Doesn’t need to be very loud.

If you want the bass and guitar to be homogenous, You got that. But you might get more power by ‘marrying’ the bass to the kick drum a bit more. Pump it up with a little lo-shelf. Try it, anyway.

The guitar is nice and phat. Adding character to the rest of your mix could support it. You might find you need to tweak that too, though, after you get better sounds from the other instruments.

Compression might be an answer for some of this. But like I mentioned, I’m just a groundling around here. Honestly.

Cool riffing, though! :)

me no expert at all at alll
i really like this
i think the bass drum is ok and the snare, the rest are burried yeah
however if you did stg to the bass drum like sloom suggested i might think otherwise. i am joe soap

I like it a lot! The song that is. The drums do need a little ommphhh! Try the Classic Compressor from Kjaerhus. It is a free VST plug-in and it works great.

Now it just needs a rippin’ lead guitar.

Thanks for sharing


Thanks heaps for listening guys. I will definatley try your suggestions. I’m still really new to the whole PC recording thing, and clearly have a lot to learn but I’m really finding a lot of useful info on this forum.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Whoa! Nice work for a rough!

I love the ending when the double bass really kicks in. There is also some nice crunch happening with the guitars.

I do agree with the others - the drums need a bit of oomph.

All in a good rough mix!

Wow, great guitar tones! Good tune. I thought the snare was kinda thin, and a bit to much “pop” where it could have more “crack”. It was kinda small, when everything else was so big. Might wanna try a BBE on all the drums. Other than that, really good for rough.

How did you record the guitars?


Wow, great guitar tones!

Thanks! Getting a phat guitar sound was actually the main focus of this project so, mission accomplished i guess :)

How did you record the guitars?

Gear used:
- Carlsbro 4x12" Cab with a Randall “Titan” head
- Boss MT-2 (Metal Zone stompy)
- SM57
- Behringer B-2 Pro (really good for a cheap condenser)
- Behringer Tube Preamp

Channel 1: Close mic’ed cab with SM-57
Channel 2: B-2 Pro through tube pre placed approx 2-3 feet from cab
Channel 3: Clean signal -> MT-2 -> iZotope Trash