I Hate Spam


I Hate Spam

(I do, ya know)



DARN, humour and music? it will never ever catch on!

I like your guitar separation between channels, assuming it was same guitar, panning 2 tracks.

very well done, studio or “home studio”? one-man-band or buncha people having a great time? sounds like one person, but vocals harmonies? had help?

It sounds good to me re: mix, unfortunately dont have monitors for picking apart tracks eq or mix master anymore (plus it’s mp3) so i would have to say the mix is a keeper…and of course, I wouldnt know how to really put together a good mix in the first place, I just fake it with " cut some lower on that vocal, or cut some of the guitar to get rid of the mud", I have no idea what i’m talking about, well maybe a little, but I’m one big ass fake.
BUT i like music and say so when it’s fun.

lets just say I smiled and enjoyed the music at the same time!

keep on making me smile I say.