I have joined a fantastic band..

…thanks to you!!!


As you all know by now - I have been a solo artist using n-track exclusively for recording and production for a few years.

The last year or so, I have been looking for the perfect band to join - and late last year, that band found me! It is through the advice of this board that my solo stuff got good enough to attract attention, so thankyou!!

The band is called JetKing, and we have a brand new website with some several tracks for you to listen to:

JetKing HQ

My solo material using ntrack, will stay on my MySpace:

Nick Church MySpace

Take care


The mere fact that the recordings link has a photo of an Ampex 601 tells me this is a cool group.

Nice music too.


I took a listen…

Great tunes man and congratulations on getting found!


Very cool band website and great sound! :)