I know it sucks for some but . . .




Panths or no panths, I’m going swimming.

Thank you, children’s TV programming.

Aren’t the FL Panthers in 10th place or something?

Is that panters with a lisp?
Don’t be comin’ in here diss’n my football team! I know where you live!


OK, I did some investigation, and it seems you are talking about a game known as “pro football.” I understand that the game is very popular. I also understand that here in Michigan we are making some kind of history. Which is good, right?

Therntanly thounded like it.

Thuffering Thucotath, Mr. Willith!


makin’ history is for dead people. go make future, sylvester!

Finally got cold enough here for me to wear my Panthers coat! WOOHOO! (I get funny looks from the Seahawks loyals, of course, but they are well behaved bunch for the most part.)

those northwest types don’t know football. besides, when the 'hawks are 2-1,000,000 for the season, who can blame them?
long live the northwest snow!

But, seriously, 0-14, I mean, c’mon…

Detroit … Tough year. Will they win one? The Saints at home then @ Green Bay.
I dunno?

Yaz must be thrilled, I miss him, where is the old feller anyway???

Detroit 0-14, tough year. Wouldn’t want to be the team that loses to them this year, but I predict it will be Green Bay.
Seahawks , another tough year, (didn’t they knock my Panthers outta the play-offs a couple years back?)
Denver, yep the so called experts all picked Denver to win against Carolina, hmmmmmmm

In my mind I’m gone to Carolina! Oh wait a sec, I never left. :cool:

I dunno but I heard Yaz isn’t as old as Poppa W! :laugh:


Hey - respect yer elders ya old buzzard!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 16 2008, 6:58 AM)

Hey - respect yer elders ya old buzzard!


I have the absolute most respect for you Poppa! :agree:
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 16 2008, 6:58 AM)

Hey - respect yer elders ya old buzzard!

Heh... PW, you know how backward those old buzzards can be...

D or inversely, "D"

So where you been young timer? I presume all is well, but then I’m a presumptuous old fart.

Old??? Buzzard??? Backwards????? Why you young whipper snapper! LOL

Hey I’m just using “reverse psycho” on ya or something to that effect.

I’ve been working, painting, screwing up my back beyond repair, selling the PRS SE (I ran back home to my Les Pauls), playing in a band, watching grandbabies, and waiting to hear from my daughter who was in a car accident this morning (we had some really bad fog) and was taking to the hospital where she works for x-rays just for precautionary measures.

That about covers it!

From one presumptuous fart to another! ROFL

How bout them PANTHERS! :)