I Know Where You Are


So, it’s not exactly a song, but it is…

"I Know Where You Are, You’re Recording Now"


Liked that one.
Kinda like an extra crunchy Townsend guitar. Very cool.
And cool lyric.
Don’t know how you whip this stuff up so quickly.
By the way, did you actually double the
vocal on this, or use a pan and a delay, or use that Haas plugin someone pointed us to not long ago?
I am amazed at the numer of ways there are to obtain the same effect.

I liked the feel, the guitar’s got loads’a grit,love that and it definately has that ‘MrT’ factor that I love… but I could not hear the vocals clearly enough to make out all the lyrics.

S’ok, I just slurred the “lyrics” anyway, Ange.

The vocal is that haas effect, in parts.

Cool thing is, really only 1 guitar here (plus the “solo” - bet Hugh Flanders could do it better, right Hugh?) - but that Ric has a big sound. Ping, I don’t actually spend much time writing, I just record stuff and sort of paste and slop it together.

Good for a cornpone sort of gestalt. :)

love that guitar sound. love that greeeezhy rock funk vibe. like being in a total dive bar, hot, smokey, drunk, loud, with much better vocals.

Heh - I’ve been trying to capture the sound of Joe’s Star Lounge (Ann Arbor 1980s) and O’Kayz (Madison) the whole time. :)


Extra crunch with sprinkles.
I like it :)


That’s cool Tom. Really love the guitar crunch.

You seem to say so little yet so much in your tunes :agree:

What are the drums there?

Drums are my same old thing, snare and kick midi off the keyboard with some random samples, me overdubbing other noises.

Hmm…song sounds better to me now than it did yesterday…


Anyway, many thanks for the listens, folks!

Rockin sssstuff!! Super guitar solo, love the dirty sound. Excellent chorus. A must download! SSSSOOOO COOOOL!

Ha - how come you guys all like the trashy stuff?


Maybe we’re just some trashy kind o folks, glad to see ya again TOM, sorry I’ve been away from the forum for a while,

Indeed, Nixon, welcome back! Hope all is OK?

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 11 2009, 11:36 PM)

Ping, I don't actually spend much time writing, I just record stuff and sort of paste and slop it together.

This makes me envious. I tend to substitute talent with time, myself.

Good vibe in this one.


I tend to substitute talent with time, myself

Same here.
Plus I get over obsessed with the littlest things and am constantly tweaking.
But I like the bit about paste and slop together. I am beginning to try that approach.

Well…I’m only just having fun, so if it has imperfections, I don’t really care.
I suppose I could try harder and make something that sounds more professional, but then again I always liked “Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash.”

Well…you sound professional, and if there are imperfections, they enhance the
entire tune.
(I’m sure I’ll have no problems enhancing my work in that fashion. :) )
We are not cutting on you, we are just amazed at the speed you have
when it comes to getting good sounding stuff out. I like the paste/slop together idea,
and in time I hope to be as agile as you.

Really I want to sound like a moderately drunk band shambling through a set that has all of the characteristics of the Replacements c. 1983.

Bet flanders hugh jass would hate that. :laugh:

Anyway, many many thanks for the kind comments and listens. Still haven’t had a chance to finish the next. Darn swine flu. everyone else had it here, now it appears to me my turn. It seems like it never ends.

Hope you are all well. :agree:

You too.
Swine flu is no fun, and it gets around. Some people I know have been getting really nasty fevers, more than 39Celsius (that would be about 102 Fahrenheit). I’ve been spared from that, but I guess I got a bug hiding somewhere. I’ve been feeling like being a bit hung-over without the fun part first…

Well, back to the subject:
I’m guessing you are recording with a fixed set-up that you know well. Still, and this might be a matter of taste, I’d put the vocals more up front.
Especially if you are going for that drunk sound
:) the vocals might benefit from being more in-your-face.

Note: I listened through
some desktop speakers, my monitors are getting some repairs. (Again.)