I like my Ric

I realized that my Ric was starved for attention. So I did this. I’m going to do the vocals over again, they have no punch. Also probably the lyrics. But it’s my best REM imitation. :D


Do Vienna Fingers qualify as “cookiefingers”?
I always wanted to know that.
How’ bout Rollie Fingers?

Another good one Tom, I’d rather listen to you than REM.
I agree with you about the vocals ,b ut I also thought the backing vocals sounded a bit distorted in places? Something wasnt quite right in the mix & i couldnt put my finger on it?


Might be that the mix was horrid as a result of doing it all in a couple of hours with the kids playing xbox in the room again? :)

I have a poet friend writing new lyrics and such, we’ll see. I’d rather listen to Death by Guitar than REM any :) day, BTW. You get a FB page yet so I can like it?

Rollie Fingers!!! :)

That guitar sounds Sooo…
nice for the stuff you track…



Another good’ne. Love the guit sound.

You must have WAY better hearing than I do, Tina, I can’t hear the distortion in the backing vocals that you referred to, lol!

I can defifnitely hear something in tom’s vocals, main or backing i’m not sure which.
you’ve got me worried its my system, what with the other problems i’m having!

the background vocals have a very heavy twisted short room lexicon impulse on them, and it in fact sounds a little wrong but I thought that in the mix is was sort of an odd coolish retro thing - e.g., sounds would get distorted all the time when we used tape, and it had sort of its own aesthetic. Plus the vocals are through my ev635A which can do weird things up close, really mashed by the LA 610. They clearly need to be redone. next weekend! :laugh:

Danny - how’d you get a screen shot of my song?!?! :)

:;): really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. x

Hi Ange! ???

Hey you :p

get me…all sociable ‘n’ stuff! :laugh: