I lost left hand bar - how - where?

Okay, I lost the left hand bar - the area just to the left to the wave file display where solo, mute, freeze are located.
I just did a default restore and got it back; however, does anyone know how this gets turned on and off?

Howdy Bax,

I don’t know if you can turn it off or on but I do know if you make your tracks too small by hitting the shift+Minus key it disappears. Also if the area itself is dragged too narrow it will also disappear. Using the tool icon on the top row to “show all tracks” can sometimes bring them back into view. It’s the sizing of the area in question (too small) which IMO causes them to disappear.

Hope that helps,


Yep. I reckon Paco’s on it. You can also just drag the wav screen over to the right to re-reveal the track strip.

I can’t be sure, my brain does not have the recall it once had. However, I think I tried the drag things without that fixing the screen. Perhaps, it was just an problem with my set up. Yesterday, after I had reload N_Track I got a message the program had not installed correctly. However, the program continued to work and I haven’t tried to reinstall yet.
I have a question for you guys that has occurred to me lately. When Flavio issues a new non-beta version, does that mean that build is suppose to be trouble free? Often (it seems to me) the next beta seems to indicate a fix for the Non-beta. Shouldn’t any “Fix” be included as an update for a Non-beta? Am I looking at this wrong?
Thanks for your comment and thoughts.

Bax. I suppose a none beta build has been tested and used to a point where there are no or little reported issues which marks a point at which a new beta can be launched in prep for new developments. Isn’t it unlikely for there to never be a single bug?