I love seeing Israel annihilate towel-head scum!

I mean, you couldn’t ask for better entertainment value. Friggin Hezbollah towel heads trying to run and hide under rocks whilst giant cluster bombs and missiles chase them down. ROFLMAO! It’s simply beautiful seeing the shredded towels and body parts flying. I’ll be dissappointed if Israeli might doesn’t continue on to Damascas for more scum cleansing after the towel head infiltrate are wiped from southern Lebanon. Then of course, it would be added pleasure to see continued cleansing via the leveling of Iranian scum in Tehran. What a rodeo…YippeeKiYaa!! :D :angry:

This forum should not be used for such negative comments. Do not take me the wrong way but not all get exited over the death and destruction. If we all used Ntrack the world would be a better place. :D

The world is our mirror