I need 3.3 back help me

4 skrewed up everything

I had 3.3 then down loaded the sample4 virsion DOH
it totaly skrewed up my old 3.3
to heck I need to reload 3.3 here and how can I get it back!!


Hopefully I won’t get flamed this time. :p

Check it, yo!

What works for me: Download 3.3 if you don’t have it. Uninstall versions 3 and 4. Reinstall 3.3.

All should be well! If something still doesn’t work, come on back!

Alternately … you could click the “revert to default settings” button in 3.3
3.3 will close.
When you open it again, it will ask if you want to keep the original configuration select no.
Now you just need to go back through all of the settings and reconfigure the program for your specific needs.


ALWAYS keep a copy of your installers and serial numbers on a CD-R

(He who is without a backup is screwed…)

Slight slant on the above suggestions…

v4 and v3.3 load to different directories. What many people find is that the v3.3 menu buttons get screwed. All I did is downloaded the v3.3 loader and re-installed it.

I had to re-set my preferences because it went back to factory defaults in my case

Good luck