I Need A Bass Line

Send me an MP3?

Hey all you talented bass players out there.

I need a bass line for a song. I can send you the MP3 in raw form (Guitar and Vocal) and you can convert the MP3 back to wave in your studio and attach a bass line - Mixed and also by itself. Convert back to MP3 and send it back to me. This would be a great favor if anyone has the time to do it. I would be glad to do the same with my vocal ability, guitar and mandolin.

Bruce Niemchick - voicelife@tds.net

I’m not sure if I can honestly say I qualify as “talented”, but a great idea anyway! What style of music - stylistically - we’re talking about?

(Could there be a some kind of “musician exchange” part of the Forum for this kind of things? I’m sure there’s a lot of people in need of a musician or willing to share their talents as a musician or mixer.)


I write contemporary Christian Music. The basic genre would probabaly fall into pop. Really, it is pretty easy stuff. As I said, I can send you an MP3.

Actually I have secretly dreamed of putting together a song through the internet with different artists. What is great about us is that we have the same recording software already in place. It would be interesting to see it all put together.

Thanks for responding

There is Artist Collaboration. There are also a few others I can’t remember right now…

Quite a few people on this forum participate over there.

There is really no need for everyone to be using the same recording software unless you want to do things like swap mixes etc.
If it is just exchanging tracks/takes then using mp3’s and ape or some other lossless compression is fine and can be imported into any multi-track sofware.

Not trying to poo-poo the idea of an n-Track collaboration forum, but you will have a lot more people available on somewhere like collaboration central where you aren’t just limited to n-Track users…


I’ve sent you a PM.


Hey, I play bass. Been at it since I was 17, I’m 44 now. This might be more detrimental to my rep here, as a result, than anything! But if you find it still wanting, I’ll have a shot at it!