I Need A Friend

Yup sorry about the ‘Bond’ chords…just popped in there…again it seems.


Bit different, maybe predictable. I dunno. Not much build up or tension etc. just a laid back tune…I’m trying to justify myself now…

I guess Poppa could’ve answered this song with ‘Matthew’.

Comments appreciated.

If I’m a jerk you’re a bigger jerk - jerk - jerk jerk jerk

I don’t like it at all…


What a jerk !

Ah, that’s great, but it needs to sound like you’ve had lots more beers! Big bashing drums! Big chorus of drunken singers! sloppy outrageous solo!


I hear ya! I was fearful of it sounding like Oasis’s importance of being idle… I was after a Weller’s ‘Wild Wood’ sound.

Poppa… :laugh:

Real nice one, good lyrics again, easy feel of course, this one is really for hummin along, sing along in the shower, good chorus.

Great tune Craig! I like it a lot. :agree:

Now the critic in me comes out;

What are the drums? They don’t seem to “fit” in some places. Not the hits themselves but the tone/timbre of the specific instrument… What’s generating the drum tones?

Great song, great performance, I’m just a little wishy-washy on the drums… :)


Thanks all…I’m gettin used to this ‘bearing my soul’ thing…

Drums on nTrack D. Where do you think it sounds odd?
I just use the jazz kit as standard.

Still know that Poppas a bigger jerk than me… :agree:

Man this place is turning into “Jerk City” ROFL,

I like the tune Craig, good job all around even with the “Bond Chords” :laugh: (once ya gotta throw in the other “Bond” riff fer fun)
Vocals are superb as usual, :agree: (I wanna be able to sing like Craig, but without the “Anglish” ack-cent!) :laugh:

Programmed drums is programmed drums, eh! :cool:

Wassup wi me ack-cent?? :p

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Oct. 28 2008, 4:10 AM)

Drums on nTrack D. Where do you think it sounds odd?
I just use the jazz kit as standard.

Hi Craig,

Let me try and listen again but this time on the near fields. Last night I was too lazy to fire 'em up and listened on the cheesy Logitech desktop speakers.

It may just be me... what do I know anyway? :p Bubba is the drum expert around here...


By the way jerk… you are getting real good at programming your drums - don’t get discouraged when someone points anything out regarding sound - your programming is rather well done.

Errr… yeah what that ^^ jerk said. I wasn’t thinking about the performance at all. Fine job there. I’ll listen again and see if I can describe a bit better…


Nooo… don’t use your acoustic pickup. Record that thing!

As for drums, I mean, I can tell they are fake. I think what I would change is the reverb on them as they sound to be in a different room from the rest of the song. But, I dunno, could be the sounds your after too. The guitars are very dry, the vocals are a little verby, then the lead guitar has a fair amount of verb. It just needs work on the sound stage as far as depth goes and that will go a long way to the drums sitting better IMO. The drums all sound like single layer samples too, so every hit sounds identical which is not realistic.

Damn it, I really need to get this studio finished. It is taking longer than I expected. Life keeps getting in the way.

FWIW, I thought the drums were well-programmed, but it’s pretty obvious that they are programmed. Sort of the bummer reality for most of us - programmed drums mostly don’t make it, not for this kind of song that needs to expand and contract in organic ways. To me VSTi drums fail most in the cymbal department (think about how expressive a good player can be with a single cymbal), although dynamics are almost always unnatural all around the kit.

Let’s all pitch in and send Craig to a bit time studio with a really good drummer and get down some really good drum tracks.

Bah, hold out a little longer and I’ll do it.

:agree: :agree: :) :agree: :agree:
Quote: (Bubbagump @ Oct. 28 2008, 3:24 PM)

Bah, hold out a little longer and I'll do it.

See, that's why Bubba's rating is a 5. :agree: