I need help about vocal effect!!!

I record alternative music with a lot of distortion guitar. I don’t know wich vocal effect use. If you have suggestion or plugin to send.


Sorry for my english I speak french!

Thank you!

You can try several effects…but each time you use one…save it as another name.

For example, if your songs name is, Tons of Tears…save it as Tons of Tears slapback reverb…or Tons of Tears light chorus and light flange.

There are other ways to do check out different effects and to compare them…this is only one method.

As far as which vocal effect to use…use the one that sounds best to you and serves your song well.

Describe the vocal sound you want.

vocals typically have 3/4 things.
1 Compression
2 EQ
3 Reverb
4 Delay

the compression is used to even out the performance as well as add a little punch.

the eq is used to help the vocal cut through and blend with the rest of the mix

the reverb is used to help the vocal sit nicely in the tracks and not sound too distant from the mix-like you just sung over some backing tracks. make the pre-delay long enough to let the voice be heard and then the reverb beefs it up… takes a lot of practice.

the delay is just like the reverb-this is usually set to match the tempo of the song so the repeats are really noticeable but they fill out the background.