i need help with EVERYTHING on this computer

overall help

hi there…

about a year/year and a half ago everything was working just fine.

then Windows 10 sent an update that not only prevented me from making music but also prevented me from even LISTENING to music!

I’ve tried a new soundcard, rebooting, even a loving tap or two on the side of the computer.

now I’ve gone back to Windows 8 on this computer and it still isn’t working.

my problems with n-track:

1- even though the soundcard is registering sound, the n-track inputs are working, I see it is going in in stereo but it’s only recording one channel. upon playing back I see n-track playing but I hear nothing.

2- my computer SERIOUSLY does not wish to record in 16 bit, 44100hz anymore! I switch settings to 16 bit, the computer automatically switches back to 24 bit…

I have 40+ songs to finish, all in 44100 16 bit! but I can’t fix it, nor do I wish to change to 48000 because i’m afraid that might negatively effect my pre existing 44100 recordings.

this has become quite the nightmare and since i’m not a tech but a musician I have just sort of thrown my hands up in the air. I bought this (three years ago) " modern" computer (Dell Inspirion core 17) exclusively for making recordings but it has been incredible trouble.

I can’t even listen to you tube videos.

can anyone help? here’s a screen shot so you can see what’s going on… actually not, I can’t even get a picture onto this posting!



Win 8? A quick fix sort of/maybe, install ASIO4ALL. and select ASIO4ALL as your sound card. Good Luck.


PACO :cool:

You didn't say what type of processor you have. I presume that the recordings are actually at 16 bit. If they are, your sound card may have a problem. Check the drives for everything listed in the Device . Have you copied any of the songs onto a USB dirive and see if they play on a friends computer? If they work, get a new hard drive and format and install Windows on it. See if the songs now play/ record. If not, My suggestion: if you friend can play your recordings, get second hard drive big enough to hold all of the data, songs, etc and copy all onto the new drive.
Hope any of this helps.

Well, I just discovered I can't edit my own posts.
Dan, I meant to say, check all your drivers ( although you could have a hardware problem.