I need to record some wind

Hello people,

That is not the kind of wind that comes after a night on the beer with some ill advised fast food consumption afterwards.

I have an intro to record with a spoken part and I want some strong (but not howling) wind in the background.

I guess I could probably search around for wind.wav for a while and turn something up but I would really rather record something myself.

The only idea I have so far is either getting high up on the tallest building / hill I can and seeing what it sounds like (I don’t have very high hopes for this)… or taking a cheap mike and swinging it around to see what happens. I will probably try that soon as it will be easy enough. I did play with the idea of having a mike on the outside of a car but it quickly became obvious that there would be way too much unwanted noise for that.

Has anyone else had to do this before? Any suggestions for a realistic / suitable sound would be very welcome. I expect the duration to be 10 to 15 seconds.

Hope this isn’t too off topic… not related directly to n-track of course… but that is the tool I will be using for whatever approach I take.

Cheers people,


Ok, I see your not just blowing hot air! tehe
But seriously, I would take a straw and blow threw it towards a chezzy mic of your choice. Verey lightly of course as not to peak. Should give the disired effect, then put some reverb on it to make it sound more authentic, stereo falnger might help too.
good luck

Real wind is probably one of the hardest things to record. Usually you just end up with an annoying, indistinct rushing noise. If you can find a sheltered spot that’s wind-free itself BUT you can still hear the wind rushing by nearby… you might have luck. It will be rare to find the right place/right time, though.

Also, you have to satisfy what people are used to hearing as “wind sound”, especially that whistling or moaning pitched sound.

You might have luck setting up a mic or two in a big quiet space and spinning something around on the end of a rope, at different speeds. You’ll end up with whistling sounds that you can slow down to get more wind-like sound.

Easiest/fastest might be just to find a sound effect. Sounddogs.com have a huge online pro sound FX collection and aren’t too expensive. You can also try looking for a freebie.