I need your vote

I posted this on the other side, but it got buried quickly. And thinking about it, it probably belonged over here in the first place.

Hey folks, I am currently in an online battle of the bands competition and would like to ask for your vote. You can simply click here and we are Kristi Strauss and the Blue Medusa in Competition #11. That’s me back there on the drums. :) Thanks for your support!

Tried clicking on the “vote for” thing, but nothing happens. :(

Anyway, although it seems to be an interesting number, it’s far too short. 41 seconds is a wee bitty brief for a song.
Not only that, but the fade-in and fade-out seem very amateurish. :p

But, if nothing else, there was no #### accordion on it which is a big plus! :D


(I’ll try voting again later. :) )



Thanks fellers. As for the length, well, that site for whatever reason won’t let you post anything over one minute. Very odd to have a battle of the bands on line with a one minute max. I tried to do the fades at the points where it showed off the basic gist the best. Still, a one minute max is weird. As for the vote link, it should pop up an e-mail window from your email program. Seriously guys, thanks for the support.

Had to do it manually, but it is done dude!

Can I vote again?


You can if you want. You just need to have a different IP and e-mail address… :D

Sorry, came to this too late I guess, all competitions are closed. Liked what I heard, though.

Thanks for looking over there. We won, so a big thank you to all of you who voted.

I don’t think any thanks are required Bubba.

I listened to the other songs in your category, and quite honestly, I think your piece won on its own merits.


Quote (Bubbagump @ May 10 2005,17:10)
Thanks for looking over there. We won, so a big thank you to all of you who voted.

Woohoo! Beers (or lemonade or whatever!) on Bubba! :D

Although Ali is right about this one. :)

I do believe I agree with Ali on this one Bubba, you won hands down!:D