I promised Myself

I ordered it…

Hi All:
Well I went and did it… I ordered it

Mastering Audio - The Art and Science


I should have it in a week or so… It’s about $54.00cnd landed at my mail box…

They were out of stock on a new set of ears… No rain checks, either…


Well, as soon as you’ve scanned it in, converted it to a PDF, and posted it, let us know Bill. D)


:O :laugh: I'd have Maureen Jack all over me like a blanket.. There is another guy on the Board that bought it..
I keep book like that in the bathroom.. with-in arm's reach and
Right next to Bughla.. I seem to concentrate better in that room, when I read..
:p :O


I think you were referring to me? I bought it a couple of months back and find that it is one of those books that I keep going back to. One suggestion though, don’t do what I find myself doing. Don’t read on the throne for too long because with me after about 2 hours your feet will be really tingley(pins and needles). :D It is a helpful read :) Hope you find it useful.

I’d be very interested in hearing what Katz has to add to stuff that’s already available on the web for free. :)

Quote (TomS @ Sep. 17 2004,07:16)
I'd be very interested in hearing what Katz has to add to stuff that's already available on the web for free. :)

Hi Tom:
You are right.. Everything is up here, somewhere.. I've found, that in the past I would buy books and after getting into the chapters, I have found that the ideas that is printed makes perfect sense.. But I somehow find the book as a returning reference and refresher.. I hope that this book will become the same .. Over the years, some of the guys I'd call my idols, knew all of this stuff, but were never able to put it in written form.. I sure hope there will be references to some of these guys in this book.. We'll see..


Hey Bill
Check out “Temples of Sound”. It’s a great “fun read” about all the classic studios. I have read it about 4 times and enjoy it every time. Take care


Here is another great book on the subject of mixing.


Yes, it is written for Mackie hardware but the ideas and applications are universal to the subject and written in a comical, down-to-earth language that even I can understand. Its not on mastering, but gets you headed in the right direction.

The site lets you read the first chapter so you can get an idea what its like before you lay out any cash. A peek at the table of contents will intrigue you to want to buy it.

Also, if you have a fair-sized library in town (or a college library nearby) you may want to see if they have a copy to give it a cursory glance before laying down your plastic. My local library, although very small, will order in books from the big Tulsa libray on request. Try that too.

I remember Mackie’s site (www.mackie.com) used to have volumes of technical info for free in the “technical section,” but their site seems to be down right now. Be sure to check that out for great tech info too.



PS: Ever wanted to wire a phase-reversal XLR cable “Y” adaptor for micing drums? This book will tell you how to do it.

Who’s Bughla?

Yeah, avoid reading on the crapper. Spending extra time there is a major conrtibutor to hemarrhoids, too. Lovely subject we’ve got onto there …

BTW, Katz is definitely one of the masters, no doubt about it. I’m a big fan of many of his projects, not the least being Steely Dan. But I read him saying one thing that I’m convinced is based on out-of-date experience, or else superstition: leaving 3dB of headroom in a mix. I have yet to hear one good reason for doing this. (I saw it in an on-line article, might not be in the book.)

I’ll probably get the book; I’m sure I have a lot to learn from the guy!

“Temples of Sound” is fabulous.

Somewhere on the web Katz has an article or a white paper or the like on mastering. I can’t find it right now…

Everybody probably has it, but the TapeOp book is pretty cool. If you look past all of the “digital is sooo uncool” articles, there are some pretty good ideas in it.

I actually bought a book myself recently. I just went down to B&N and bought it off the shelf. The book is “recording and producing in the home studio: a complete guide” by David Franz. He also wrote what a lot of articles are calling the seminal work on Pro Tools. The book I bought really rocked my world on the art of digital recording. The article on editing techniques is worth the buy. I have done digital editing with video, but never thought of doing it on audio like that. It is real clear and helpful for noobs like me. And it’s only $25US. TapeOp says “easy to read on all the key concepts involved with recording in the digital envoronment. This book is definitely useful for people who aren’t seasoned engineers.” Oh, and it has his email in the back and I emailed him and he emailed me back! how cool is that?!