i thought it was February

but i must be wrong

seems that there has been a shift in the time space continium recently - apparently its now April - the first of that month to be exact -

Levi is rabbiting on about N Drummer - sorry but such a thing does not exist on my system not in Build 2450 - not in any build i have -

so where is it and why havnt i got it - or if i have, how do i activate it - ive searched every hard drive on my system time and time again NTDs yes N drummer NO -

so what goes on -


Just add a new midi trk. right click on it choose
“Output to”,
“new Instrment”
"ntrack drums"

Its in the nTrack v6 folder, vstplugins, etc.

i donee that - all i get is the normal NTD - nothing nrw - the way you raved about it i thought you had THE NEW VERSION EARLY - maybe you have (somrtimes Flavio puts up a build with things we are not susposed to know about) - what build are you using ? -


nBuild 2450, I’m raving about it because I had no idea it is as good as it is. nVdrummer build is 1.50.00 You know eventually some one new will be asking or doing a forum search trying to find some of these answers.
Magic, if you know how to make a kit using your own samples I would love a hint on that one, cheers! :)
Are you dieing Magic?

most of this you may know -

open the LIBRARY folder in NTD insert a new folder called MY DRUM KITS -

rightclick on drum pad - use realtime sample replacer to change sample - continue untill you have changed all the pads with your own samples -

click on MENU-banks-save - navigate to MY DRUM KITS - give new kit a name - save -

to load in your drumkit - click on MENU/bank/load - navigate to MY DRUM KITS - open folder - select kit - open -

only the factory kits appear in the lower KIT box - user kits have to be accessed by MENU - no big deal this -

if you PM me with your e-mail address i will send you a special control track that automatically switches the patterns in the sequencer - SAY you select FUNK as a style then there are 8 pre-programmed funk patterns available for you - the control track switches these patterns in and out and can easily be modified to suit your work - control track works on all styles not just funk


Thx magic! I should have guessed that the folder and contents made a kit, great! I remember my mind wanted to look in that direction but I was to stubborn to let it lol Much appreciated! :agree: I want to make some “super kits”. Well super to me anyway!

You are aware that you’re getting lovey dovey with a VSTi that is scheduled for an overhaul, right?
I would not get too emotionally attached unless you plan on getting very emotionally attached.
Just my .004 cents (adjusted for recession)

some of us have been lovey about NTD since N Track Version 4 - looking forward to the new version of NTD -


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Feb. 13 2009, 10:43 AM)

Just my .004 cents (adjusted for recession)

:D good one!

Shoot if I would have know about ndrummer back in v4 I would be a rich rock star by now lolololol Music is based to much ones feelings. It's nice to have it right there when you want it.

PW, I started writing to click tracks. Which consist of the actual beat with the kick, snar and hihat. I'll run that for x amount of mins and then add drum fills later. Not always but often enough.
I can modify and style in ndrummer and mixdown while playing for as many mins as i choose then add some rolls and such, tis good!

That's for writing if I want to record a performance I'll do a vid.

thats a good way to do it Levi.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Feb. 13 2009, 2:59 PM)

thats a good way to do it Levi.

Ya know when you play the drummer with out a midi track the drums are more upfront and louder. More brilliant. As apposed to when I play the same midi file slaving ndrummer. I guess the others have been tweeked for that specific style. There is a big drop off with out adjusting settings on the drums.
That is why you wanted to know if I needed volm adjustments on any specific drums with your ezdrumer. I'm glad I didn't bother you with that. I adjust 3 or 4 times before I'm sure.
Thx for all your constant and consistent help P_good_man_W!

LEVI have you been here ? -


loads of kits to download - remember you can pick samples from amy kit/source to make up your own kit - one sample from one kit, two from another etc so download as many as you can -


Quote: (Magic Rabbit @ Feb. 14 2009, 1:46 AM)

LEVI have you been here ? -


loads of kits to download - remember you can pick samples from amy kit/source to make up your own kit - one sample from one kit, two from another etc so download as many as you can -


Yes but I haven't downloaded other kits yet.
Did manage to use the directions you gave to build my kit yesterday.
The advantage that gives you is one immediately starts with a blank "steps" page.
I wonder if Flavio could elongate the steps page to accomadate more drums?
My kit turned out cool but a little shy of super!
But the drums sound awesome!
I might build or rename a kit to use when slaving.
If I don't end up writing all the pts in nD.
Draggin the vol on the hits in the step page is really fast!
Nice stuff!!

Levi - NTD is not a N track product so Flavio (i believe) cannot alter the program at all - did you recieve the MIDI song i e-mailed to you ? -


Yes thx Magic, but I haven’t had a chance to add it yet.

Quote: (Magic Rabbit @ Feb. 12 2009, 11:38 PM)

- control track works on all styles not just funk


This control trk is pretty impressive, where did you find it?

I guess one only builds patterns in nDrummer, not complete songs?

i recordrd the control track using my MIDI keyboard -

unlike some other drum machines with NTD you cannot chain patterns together - you have to make a control track to do that for you - by CHAINING i mean running straight from pattern A to B to C to D etc and then jumping back or forward between patterns IE - jump from pattern H to X to K then back to A -

each pattern can have 8 pages of 16 steps per page and there are 24 patterns A through to X gives you over 3000 available steps - using a control track as the pattrern switcher you can make patterns that cycle around for hours -


Say Rabbit & Levi -
I thought the control track was a midi file that output on ch-16.
Isn’t that how you switch patterns? Or are you talking about some
random switcher?
What I want to know is how you switch pages.
Say you had a series of patterns, and you just wanted to change the velocity
of the pattern.
So you got pattern a b and c on page 1
I want to put the same a b and c on page 2 with a diferent velocity and
be able to switch from page 1 to page 2. (Using a midi control)
Any ideas?

“I thought the control track was a midi file that output on ch-16.” - correct -
“What I want to know is how you switch pages.” - there are 8 pages per pattern they run from page 1 to page 8 and the run swquence cannot be altered -

right click on a PAGE NUMBER icon for copy menu - here you can copy that page to another page in that pattern - velocity is adjusted PER NOTE - put cursor over a note laftclock and move cursor upwards to increase velocity - downwards to decrease velocity -

to avod spoiling a good page, copy the whole pattern to an unused pattern say pattern N - make changes in N and then copy that pattern back to A (or whatever) when you are happy - to copy patterns rightclick in the pattern letter in pattern bank then use drop down menu -