I Want You

Let me know what you think

Had an itch to write a Rock and Roll song last week, let me know what you think.


I Want You

Can’t get your link to work.

Not sure why the board did this, but I’ll try to post the link again, here you go.

I Want You


worked for me and sounds great. the break at about :50 and there on is a tad “worked”. Solo guitar a tad thin in the mix. Solid bass, cut off at the end was let a down.
good luck…

…Just caught this…
You claim you wrote this last week…and now, one week later, its mixed, burned to CD and out on the market! :cool:

You must be talking about the tag before the end of song. I now put that on all my music that’s on-line, it actually gets me triple the normal amount of e-mail responses. I see your point about being skeptical, but the fact is I wrote and recorded the song in 2 days, like most of the stuff I produce.

I’m just a local musician working my way through school, not touring with a label; so my stuff can easily be burned and CD stompered onto whatever compilation I promote on any given night. But I’m glad you liked it, that’s what’s important to me, thanks for the comments.


Question…im a newbie…but how did you get it so loud? All my N-Track files are all clipping and they are all ALOT quieter than that. What did you do?