I was bored today

Thanks phoo…

Windows RG (Really Good)
I especially enjoyed the Media Player. :agree:

My pleasure!


Phoo? Why haven’t you shared this before? For all us ‘old’ guys who’ve been around PC’s before they were CALLED PC’s… it’s hilarious!

Windows 3.0 anyone? Oy… :laugh:


Shared it before? Heck…It’s been there for at least six years (the file date was the last time I have to rebuild the website from the gorund up, and that was 2004). Gotta dig around in there to find the little gems.


This was funny and scarey at the same time! :laugh:

I think i had that RG system at one time!

Many of us did. It was officially released as Windows Millennium Edition. :laugh:

I had heard so many horror stories about Win ME, I carried a new PC home years ago, booted from a Win 98SE disc, formatted the disk and installed 98SE. Never even got to see Win ME boot-up. :)