I went to a guitar "clinic" this past Saturday

… now I’m thinking of QUITTING!

Not really. After THIS GUY’S first song though… I told my friend, "That’s it! I’m going home, chopping up ALL my guitars and burning them!"

The guy not only plays with FANTASTIC speed and dexterity, he can play with real feel and emotion too! The double guitar thing? I STILL can’t get over that!

I wish I could play as well right-handed as he does left-handed. :)


TG – humbled by a GREAT one…

PS Darn nice fella too!

PPS Pay no heed to the avatar. I’m a righty. Anybody know of a FREE animated gif editor?

TG, ain’t that just too true. :(

I was in my local music shop recently buying strings and just having a wee natter with Shay (the owner), and there was this dad in there buying a new guitar for his son, (who looked about 12).

The wee bugger’s hands were dancing over the fret-boards like nothing you’ve ever seen. Mournful (and accurate) bends, sweet vibrato, lightening fast runs, the whole works.

I tried to distract Shay and the dad so I could over and strangle the little freak, but to no avail. :(

The only upside was that Shay overcharged the dad by about 200 quid for the SG he finally bought, and while he was paying for it, I was able to give the kid a few “wee tips” that’ll guarantee R.S.I. within 6 months! :laugh:


This kids are technicans on their guitars, or whatever instrument they take on… They don’t have to practice it… They have been born with it… You see, their father/mother practiced all that stuff… They start at the level that their parents have attained…

The best thing to do is… stay away for those music shops when you think the kids might be hanging around…

That’s what I think… :O ???


I might can flip the avatar. I’ll give it ago when I get home.

I have similar feelings when I watch Billy Cobham and Buddy Rich. They do stuff on drums that just don’t match what I see their hands and feet doing. (ok…that was years ago…but it still applies) They’re are still on video and just as dazzling. As good as some other drummers are there is usually a correlation between sound and actions. :D

same here…everytime I go to a bluegrass concert or festival…or listen to Chris Thile or Sean watkins…or andthing by Adam Steffey


Hey check it… I’m a righty again!


PS Thanks Former Member Gone! (ol’ redeye)


(good think I forgot to try :) )

Well let’s see, Buddy Rich, OMG. The man was an alien!

There’s always a prodigy just waiting in the shadows guys. Got a dobro a year ago, friend turned me on to Jerry Douglas, another one of those aliens. Seems J.D. frequents Snuffy Smith’s house (which is only 1 1/2 miles from me) and gonna ask Snuffy if I can drop buy nezt time J.D. is in town, which in turn will make me sell the dobro. Maybe if I can see him close up in action it will help my dobro playing…NAH!

BTW, Snuffy is Banjo tech for Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crow, several others, and works on Tony Rice’s guitars all the time too. The man knows his stuff!

I saw JD and Sam Bush play with Emmy Lou when she was on the Ryman tour. It was smokin’. She took a break and JD and sam did a 15 min version of “crossroads” It was hot hot hot. I was standing 5 ft from the stage. Hot hot hot…

OMG! Sam Bush another alien, what a mandolin player!
OK, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck in New Grass Revival, who were the other members? I can’t remeber.

I was wondering if this guy (Michael Angelo Batio) is from another galaxie or something. When he had a normal right handed guitar in his hands he just killed. I mean SHRED is an understatement. Then he put on that double guitar and began to SMOKE it up on that thing. He played left-handed for a while… then right-handed for a while… then cross-handed on one neck then the other… then he grabbed both necks and started playing harmony solos or playing melody with one and soloing with the other… I still can’t believe it! I’m taking my son to see him Thursday night. He’s doing another clinic within driving distance so I thought I’d carry the boy and let him be amazed and inspired.


That’s just out of this world to be able muti-task with guitars. jeesh, I can’t chew bubble gum and take a leak with out missing the urinal. :D

Yaz, you’re supposed to chew the gum with your mouth !!! :D


Arrrrrrrrggggggg, that’s what I’m doing wrong! Thanks Ali! :D

UPDATE: Michael Angelo Batio had another clinic within driving distance last night. I carried my 15 year-old, geetar playing son to see him. He was floored. MAB was even more “ON” than he was last Saturday when my son could not attend. The dude is incredible. My son came away inpsired and even more determined to learn PROPER guitar technique. MAB made a serious effort to demonstrate how bad fret hand position, poor picking technique etc truly hinders not only speed but accuracy. It was well worth the trip just to get to hang out with my son. Especially watching his jaw hit the floor as mine did first time. Of course, we just HAD to by both of MAB’s CD’s before we left. They are D#$N GOOD! Any guitar player should pick 'em up for his/her collection. He has a new one coming out in October. I can’t wait.

TG – still in awe…