I wish

the channel fader nob would automatically move up and down accordingly on playback when you’ve drawn a volume line :)

(here’s where someone says, “you can - you hit this button”)

Why? Just curious. I don’t need that wondering why someone else would. Making a new exciting music vid? :laugh:

I think there’s a red box in the upper left-hand corner of the channel’s timeline screen…



"Why? Just curious. I don’t need that wondering why someone else would. Making a new exciting music vid? :laugh:"


In older versions there was an option to automate the sliders. I do not think that is available any more. There was also an option to record manual slider movements to make them automated. Regardless, the sliders could be made to move in the past.

There ares a couple of things going on with the volume that makes this interesting.

1) The slider is an overall volume, allowing coarse gain setting on the whole track at once.
2) The volume curve is a separate volume, allowing automated gain setting in addition to the visible slider in the mixer.

You could almost think of the two ways to change gain as 1) a normal mixer volume slider and 2) an automated trim control, such as the little trim knob at the top of the channel on an analog mixer.

While that is not exactly the way it works, there are definitely many places to set gain on a track, including all those pre and post knobs in effects.

Seeing the slider move up and down with the volume curve would be a nice feature. The best way to implement it may be to have a setting to show the volume curve in the mixer (sort of like it use to be).

There is a big can of worms and problems that sort of get in the way. On thing is what to do when someone adjusts the slider if it is in volume curve display mode. In the past that is what would be record mode. Movements would be remembered and added to the curve. That is not necessarily the best way to default.

Doing this could also take up a lot of CPU.

I would like it for a special display thing. I never liked entering volume curve data that way though.

Bill, what you are remembering is the record movements function.

You’re right phoo…

I think it was back in v3 days…
??? ? Maybe, v2 ????


Yup! Cheers, Phoo. Thanks for detailing the points on vol and gain. It was ‘that’ point that had me wondering ‘why’ they didn’t move. Am I getting you right, in that, the channel fader behaves as master over the drawn line?

Yes, you can look at it that way. It helps for the overall visualization regardless of where the gain controls are in the overall pipeline.

Yup. Cheers Phoo.
Oh-oh! I’ve just visualised a second channel ‘line’ fader - that moves.

Hi phoo and Guys:

If I remember correctly, the “Record the Fader” movements was the forerunner to the draw volume levels for the track’s timeline…
I don’t remember if that included pan movements and any other movements that the drawing feature now has…
I thought that feature was still available…