I worried about my computer

the hard drive is being weird

Sorry if this is a bit off subject; except it is my “music” recording computer:
I have two drives in my computer. The XP Operating system drive and a drive for the music files.
The music file drive is fat 32. I was running out of space on the music so I deleted some files. The stated space stays the same. I ran Norton and the the checkdisk and no error were reported.
I am backing up everything to another drive - but should I be worried about the one reporting constant space? Everything read fine and I can even write to it.

did you delete from the recycle bin? if not, then you haven’t really deleted the files from the drive…

Actually, what I did was move a directory to the other drive to clear space on the music drive. The “trash” bin says it is empty. Should have created a bit more than a gig of free space.

When you move a directory from drive to drive, you aren’t really MOVING it, you are actually COPYING it… Just make sure your directory is on the new drive, then search the old drive for the directory and delete it… Hope that helps!