If I could........ All the Girls Would Love ME!!!!

One of my favorite songs of all time!

I wrote this song a few years ago… this is a recent recording. It’s just me making all the noise. I think it proves that N-Track gets the job done for "solo bands"

Listen to “He Man’s Car” by Pro-Ject:Radiation !!

I’m surprised no comments on this song… I know you all liked “Hitler”

I love the drumming it’s very creative. Reminded me of a cross between Stewart Copeland with a bit of Neil Peart thrown in the mix.

Thanks… I’ve never been compared to anyone famous when it comes to drums… I do love to play with a fury though.

Not sure whether it was a conscious choice, but I really like the “live” sound to this. That’s not easy to do when you’re doing it all yourself.

Rock on!


Thanks… I definately was aiming for a live sound… As I do with most recordings. I find that if I can reproduce the recordings on stage, then I’ve done my job. I practice the songs til I’m well schooled, and then put down the drums first. I normally use drums to conduct the song… Sometimes there’s cues that I use when I play the drums that get silenced out… but for the most part it’s Raw-dub.
The other thing I try to do is play each instrument start to finish for the song… This means that there’s always going to be some slight imperfections… And third I try to use a universal reverb effect, so that all of the “band” sounds like they are in the same place…rather than in different time-zones.