If i get 7, can i use old version if i dont like i

If i get 7, can i use old version if i d

i’m gonna buy ntrack 7. If i dont like it can i use the code and use ntrack 6 or 5. I have ntrack 4 (think i used to have 5), it will be on a brand new computer.

I expect i will like n-track 7 just fine. but just incase, would like to know

You have 30 days to return your purchase. You can try it out for 14 days for free. If you bought earlier version N-Track will send you the codes to use, but I don’t thin they normally sell past versions - you can write them and ask I guess.
I doubt that you ware going to want an earlier version. N-Track 7 has so many really nice features that you will love. There are a few changes that may be harder to find then others, but they certainly are not a reason to want an earlier version in my opinion. If you run multi-track recording there are a couple of changes to the way you set up to record - the final step in arming tracks is under the Record Button on the recording VU meter. My suggestion: get version 7, set aside some time to experiment with it and start clicking around on the Windows Box bars, VU meter and Menus.