If I Go

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If I Go

I haven’t posted a new Soul Garage tune here in a while, and several friends think this one deserves spreading. But I am not a singer, and even with note-correcting software I cannot do this little tune justice. So I have mixed a version with my (apologies for calling it) singing as a guide, and one without, and am hoping one of you folks with golden pipes might do me the favor of letting me hear what it sounds like when sung properly. You can DL the two versions at www.soulgarage.net/ftp; their filenames show which is which. I put them in .ogg format for sound quality and because n seems to like oggs. If you would prefer wav or wma, I will be happy to do a fresh conversion.

The song is played in Bb, but the verses begin on the Eb chord. Here are the lyrics:

If I Go

V1: If I Go; If I go down there with you; If I go; if I go down there with you; would you be true?; Through and through?

V2: If I walk the line; would you walk behind?; If I walk behind; would you walk the line?; Front or behind; walk the line?

V3: If I’m lying; lying in my grave; If I’m lying; lying in my grave; would you be brave? Be so brave?

V4: repeat V1; ‘would you be true’ part repeats once as a coda. The tempo is 121.5 bpm. Harmony structure is IV/I/IV/I/V/IV/I/V. The lead guitar intro has a flubbed note I haven’t fixed yet - please forgive or ignore! :peace:

Thanks in advance to everyone interested in having a go at it! If you can e-mail me your vocal, preferably in wav format for quality and easy editing (if appropriate), I will put it in the same directory so everyone can hear. If your email does not allow the sending of a file that large, PM me, and I will set up an ftp account so you can easily upload the file.

'til then!
tony w

Very nice tune!! You know, the vocals aren’t a million miles out Tony. Voice quality is fine, just needs a little work on pitch here and there. You almost have a Dylan thing going on there.

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Thanks, but the ‘little work on pitch’ there is after several passes with pitch-correcting software! You would not want to hear it raw!!! ??? But I appreciate the Dylan comparison - I am one of those ‘weird-ears’ who love the way he sounds. Thanks!

'til later;

agreed, pitch is off a bit but it could be corrected! repetition is the secret, if you got that down then it could be great…your tone is really nice, it has a strong ‘dire straits’ feel to me. Really nice song too, great words and sentiment.

umm: ange, what you hear there was pitch-corrected! And it is only in the key of, and keys relative to, Eb that I can get even that close to the notes. But I am glad you like the song! Thanks for the kind words!

'til next time;